Charisma As An Attribute Of Transformational Leadership

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In every business around the globe, there are managers and there are leaders. Just because you are looked at as a good manager does not mean that you are a good leader. In the following essay, I will discuss the difference between a manager and a leader. Is it bad for a leader to be overly charismatic? I will discuss charisma in transformational leadership and the action that leaders can take in order to be ethical. I will also discuss how control is difficult within a manager’s everyday function.

Leadership and management are often mistaken as being the same, but they are very different (Next Generation, n.d.). When someone leads, they have people that follow them. On the other hand, managers have people that work for them. For example, my director at work is a leader. When he walks into a meeting the whole character of everyone changes. Everyone is sitting up straight in their chairs and very alert to what he has to say. He is very effective in how he leads our organization due to his straightforward attitude and fairness to everyone on our team.

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Charisma and transformational leadership go hand in hand. Being a charismatic leader gives a clear sense of purpose or vision that moves followers and energizes them (Kenny Borgas, PhDc, NCSP. 2014). Charisma plays a very important role in transformational leadership. I believe that a person cannot be a transformational leader if they are not overly charismatic. By not having the charismatic trait, I believe that a person would not show a lot of confidence which in return would have their followers doubting their leadership ability. To make sure that a person’s leadership is ethical there are certain steps that need to be taken. Leadership should adjust their style of management to go in line with organizational policies. They should also encourage creativity so challenges and risks can be handled in a professional manner. Motivation is very important which will inspire your team to achieve their organizational goals. The last step is the one that I believe is the most important and that is moral values. Don’t be fake and treat others like you want to be treated by showing them honesty which in the end will inspire your followers.

One of the more difficult functions of management is controlling. From my experience, I have a hard time with this function in finding ways to control without having the employees resist. My employees sometimes look at me as controlling and in return, they feel that it reduces their freedom. Another problem I have with control is corrective action. I must be very careful in how I approach my employees so that the trust that I have gained will not be lost. Monitoring performance is a key step that needs to happen in order to have a successful team. I am constantly looking for new ways to achieve this and at the same time be fair to my team.

Even though managers and leaders are different, treating their workers or followers fairly should be their number one priority. By having a good charismatic approach, a leader or manager will always have a motivated and energized team. This approach along with having successful control of their team, will help in achieving organizational goals and create a trust that will help a leader or manager be successful.


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