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Cheer Captain: Persuasive Essay

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As a member of the Student council and Former Cheer Captain, I would like to share my ideas on who I think is a good candidate for Cheer Captain. To be a Cheer Captain it is more than just a badge, it is about making a positive influence on students and staff at the school. I believe both individuals are great candidates for Cheer Captain, but Morgan is the better candidate!

Leigh would make a good Captain because she is a smart individual, who is deeply involved in her school community. Who would not want a smart involved Captain?

She has received many awards for her academics. She has gotten and award for top all-round performer and Newton prize for being most promising physicist in the state. Furthermore, she has been accepted into Cambridge University. She is a member of the chess club and competes in orienteering competitions. While also leading in schools debate community and involved in local Schools Councils. She is also aware of main issues in education and education systems in other schools. She will also be a good cheer captain by having a positive influence on students at her school, as she has good grades and leadership skills. She can also be an influence on foreign students or new students at the school as she is one herself.

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Morgan would make just as good of a captain, despite her rough start to school. Morgan is a well-rounded, and smart individual. Who is also involved in her school community. Who would not want a smart and well-rounded (student athlete), involved Captain?

She is studying A levels and is studying Medicine at university. She is also committed to a lot of sports and has been cheer captain of several sports teams. Morgan has contributed to the sporting success of the school. She would make a better school Cheer Captain because she has more attributes of a leader and can have a more positive influence on students at her school. She can have a positive influence by her ability to balance school and athletics at the same time. As well as her change in attitude towards school. Students would also listen to her, as she is well known throughout the school through her sports. She can also be motivate and be a role model to those who are misbehaving and struggling in school as she once did. In addition, she can show students that its not to late to change their life around and that they can achieve anything regardless of the circumstances.

Although both girls are both academically inclined and have had experience in leadership, I think Morgan would be a better leader as she is smart, versatile and a student athlete.

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