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Nuclear Disasters: Fukushima and Chernobyl

Both Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters were nuclear crises that occurred accidentally in Japan and Ukraine respectively. The Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant while the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Both disasters were rated seven, which is the highest in the scale due to its severity. The Chernobyl disaster occurred in 1986 while Fukushima disaster occurred on March 2011. The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast both nuclear...
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The Significance of Engineering Ethics: Chornobyl

Introduction Engineering is the application of principles in mathematics and physics in order to design, analyse and manufacture systems. It is crucial for an engineer to consider the ethical implications during every stage of creating a system, therefore it is vital to understand the definition of Ethics: a system of moral principles that govern people’s behaviour and decision-making. For example, prior to the design, production and operation of a nuclear power plant, there are numerous environmental, economic and social impacts...
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Chernobyl as a Major Engineering Disaster

Which industry is the safest and most trusted in the world? The answer is no profession or industry system in the world that can guarantee zero accident rates, such as healthcare, manufacturing or engineering. unimaginable disasters always happen, it causes new generation of engineers have to study the reasons for their emergence and increase related of ethic of engineering to avoid any accident as much as possible. People in engineering believe trial and error are a way to move engineer’s...
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Environmental Studies: The Chernobyl Disaster

The Chernobyl disaster, affecting all of Europe to some extent, was a tragic but perhaps inevitable result of decades of government policies that affected plant design, regulation, transparency, governance, training, operating procedures, and the value placed on human safety, and which all permitted inadequate practices to persist without being challenged. The impact of the 1986 release of radiation created health problems that are still being investigated. The government’s response to the disaster created social and economic problems that persist to...
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Chernobyl Accident – One of The Most Tragic Engineering Disasters

Engineering is arguably one of the most important professions in the world. Engineers create the bridges society uses everyday to get from place to place, engineers create the cars society uses to cross those bridges and engineers are even the reason why society can power those cars. These are only a few of the thing’s engineers create, the list goes on and on. However, all these elements have one thing in common which is the involvement of heavy parts, fast...
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How Could Chernobyl Have Been Prevented: Argumentative Essay

About 30 km of land, the government, people’s homes, and the nuclear power plant were all destroyed in a matter of seconds. The majority of people believe Chornobyl was only a mistake since nuclear power is relatively safe, and its effects were not severe, whereas it was much more than that. The explosion was a major factor in the future development of nuclear power plants, the safety precautions regarding the power plants, and even the Soviet Union’s downfall. The Chornobyl...
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Engineering Disasters: Overview of Chernobyl Accident

When I think of nuclear disasters my first thought is Nagasaki and Hiroshima. These tragic events caused during an act of war was a traumatic devastating event in history. Chernobyl another disaster was perhaps the most outrageous display of lack of ethics event in recent modern day history. Chernobyl’s instant killing of the 30 workers pales to the estimated 600,000 (Deaths due to the Chernobyl disaster) deaths that can be attributed to this selfish series of events. Chernobyl nuclear power...
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Engineering Disaster: Explosion at the Chernobyl NPP

The world of engineering has been forever changed since the Chernobyl disaster. The blast of Chernobyl nuclear plant paved way for the modern engineering to adapt safety as a priority and that irrespective of any consequence, condition or situation, safety of the people shall never be compromised. Consequently, engineering fields such as safety engineering have been derived where safety engineering is defined as: “Safety engineering is the process of designing workplaces to prevent accidents. Engineering safety concepts provides detailed approaches...
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How Could Chernobyl Have Been Prevented? Essay

In the first part of this series, I described how automatic safety controls could have prevented the Three-Mile Island accident. Now I’ll do the same for Chernobyl. This accident at the RBMK nuclear power plant at Chernobyl in the Ukraine occurred at 1:23 a.m. on April 26, 1986, right after the midnight shift change of the operators at Unit 4, which consisted of four 1000-MWe units, built in the 1970s. The meltdown caused a steam explosion that blew off the...
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Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Dangerous caesium-137, which has a long half-life, is still a problem. There are measurable levels in soils and some foods in a lot of Europe. Five million people still live in places with elevated radiation levels. It was caused by mankind because the people that built it did not build it will enough they did not look at the directions right. They had to do multiple indemediant changes the safety of humankind and still messed it up I chose this...
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Engineering Mistakes that Led to The Chernobyl Disaster

Mistakes are merely a part of a human’s everyday life. In the engineering profession, every single move and foolish decisions made can cause life-changing results if something does not meet the proper standards. The Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine was a prime example of standard breeches, design flaws, and incompetence by the workers to produce one of the worst incidents in the history of the engineering world. This factory used to be a well-known power station until it was uncovered that...
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