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The entertainment has been around for centuries, and many millennials have been raised with cell phones, Wi-Fi, and cellular apps. If you were to enter an elementary school, many students of the upper grade level own a cell phone. When I was in elementary, I had no phone, but I had a coloring book and reading books to fill the void in my hand. In recent events, children own a phone and different social media sites, the most used sites...
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During early childhood, children learn things by observing. They always try to imitate those they associate with. Now in this generation, is child behavior worse or better than it was years ago? Have you notice children disrespect for authority figures? The fault lies with the parents or caregivers of the child to be sure. Parents and caregiver are to cater to children emotional 'needs' and that corporal punishment is bad for them. But what may affect children's behavior though? This...
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FAMILY INFLUENCES The family is the first form of socialization a child receives. A child learns from the family’s relationships and uses that information to form their own relationships. According to Kwalombota Mahalihali (2016), “the kind of care and attention children receive during their early years of life affect their handling of important issues, such as trust versus distrust and autonomy versus disunity”. Not only do the adults in the family influence child behaviors, but siblings do as well. With...
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Violence on children or kids from a young age can affect them psychologically in the future. Upto 80% of the children that go through abuse or violence in their childhood end up with medical conditions either being therapy or antidepressant pills. Despite using a little violence on children in order to discipline them many cases which usually report child abuse its aminly due to financial stress or unemployment. Most people who go through issues such as financial stress unemployment tend...
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This article discusses the correlation between childhood trauma and the negative-long term consequences stemming from early trauma and how it can affect anyone despite age, sex, race, etc. It also includes an accurate definition of trauma and what it entails. Childhood trauma has major affects that can be realized and experienced throughout a lifetime. Changes in the brain and other bodily functions are also affected by adverse childhood experiences. This article examines how early trauma is associated with physical, mental...
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Abstract There is lots of contradictions that say that whether a has two parents or one they all tend to achieve the same, behave the same. The purpose of this report was to see the differences between a child’s behavior that was brought up in a nuclear family compared to a child brought up by a single parent. Aggressiveness, assertiveness and submissiveness were the three main behavioral targets from the research that was conducted by the Children action tendency scale...
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A study of children’s behaviour and related behavioural theories is a crucial component in not only training primary teachers but also allow them to execute their future duties in an effective way. A sound knowledge in behaviour management provides better tools necessary for teachers and educators manage classroom behaviour. Duchesne and McMaugh (2018) define behaviour as actions that are observable and measurable, they further say that children's experience in their family and culture influences their behaviour, which is known as...
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Social media is everywhere around us but are we truly aware of the consequences it may bring when exposed at a young age? Multiple studies have been conducted showing a link between social media usage and teenagers, however with technology becoming so prevalent in our society new studies have been introduced to find a link between social media and its effect on children's behavior. In recent discussions, a controversial issue has been to what extent social media affects children’s behavior....
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With television being one of the main sources for entertainment today, prolong exposure to violent TV programming during youth can be associated with aggression. When a child is taught how to ride a bike, that is because someone taught them how to do so. When a child learns how to read, that is also because a parent or teacher taught them how. With many role models to teach a child how to do most things, they also learn from what...
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Abstract As a student intern in my present classroom, I have been seeing many instances of children having disruptive behaviors such as talking out without turn, having arguments, shouting, running in the class, having tantrums, not focusing on their work, and disturbing other children. It made me wonder whether it could be related to the classroom environment. “The environment “tell” children how to act and respond. Children respond differently to the environment. An effectively designed classroom has the potential for...
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Introduction Child activity has long been seen as a significant challenge in pediatric dental treatment. The dental assessment is focused on the actions of children and the competence of the doctor to monitor some behavior. Activity control problems are one of the most important causes for transfer to specialist pediatric dentistry. Prediction of toddler behavior, at the first dental examination, must favor all use of suitable approaches and contribute to the establishment of a trusting environment between the patient as...
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A topic I am interested in is causes of children’s behavior at the dentist and management. This topic has led me to research more about it and has led me to write this paper. I will consider children’s anxiety/behavior in the dental setting and will describe the nature of dental anxiety and its implications for the child patient and the dental team. It will also describe a variety of management strategies. I will also talk about the way in which...
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