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Childhood Obesity: Causes And Consequences

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As Jimmy retrieves his lunchbox from his bookbag he lines up at the door in uniformed order with all the other kids. He saunters to the cafeteria as he is excited about lunch, his favorite part of the day. He uncrates his lunch as it consists of a McDonald’s kids meal Cheetos, and a McFlurry with extra Oreos. It is addicting foods like these that reassure children to keep eating unhealthy on regular promoting childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is a common social issue apparent in our society today because it affects children’s physical health, mental health, as well as social health.

Childhood obesity is a convoluted physical health issue. In this case, it can contribute to irregular functioning in children’s internal conditions. The article elucidates, “Obesity during childhood can have a harmful effect on the body in a variety of ways. Children who have obesity are more likely to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which are risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD)” (Childhood). This erudition is imperative as both symptoms can affect children’s arteries. High cholesterol can build up cholesterol plaque in the arteries wall. And, high blood pressure erects a high force of blood against the artery walls. Both of these indications can evolve to a much greater consequence such as the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The complication is that this subject could be ultimately be prevented if children maintain a healthy weight, diet, and exercise ritual. In addition, childhood obesity can give rise to other diseases such as diabetes. The editorial indicates, “Diabetes, for example, is another increasing concern among pediatricians and parents of children who are overweight. That’s because a fast-growing number of newly diagnosed cases of childhood diabetes are the so-called type 2 form of the disease” (The Physical). Diabetes itself is a concern due to the fact that having an inconsistent amount of sugar in the body’s blood can expose children to other health problems. But, if the deposition is further analyzed then one can confirm that diseases that are known to affect adults are now affecting children due to obesity. It stems from the matter that, type two diabetes is a disease generally associated with only ever affecting adults. But now this form of diabetes is progressively maturing into a disease that is expanding its victims to affect children as well. To add to that concept, bone development is another variable that impacts obese children’s physical health. The text reveals, “Obese kids also have a greater risk of developing bone, joint, and growth plate problems. In fact, research has found an association between childhood obesity and musculoskeletal pain such as back pain, hip and knee pain, and foot pain” (Katz, David L.). The class of chronic pain can conclusively influence children’s physical performances. For the reason that, back, hip, foot, and knee pain can moderately make it difficult for the bone systematic mobility. This can result in children being deprived of the physical extradition that they require. Ultimately, setting them up for future weight gain will add on top of the excess weight that they already acquire. To sum up this concept, childhood obesity has many harmful physical effects such as artery issues, diabetes, and irregular bone development, which is why childhood obesity is a social issue of importance.

Childhood obesity can have many negative effects on children’s mental health. For instance, young girls specifically of the obese classification, are more prone to definitive mental and emotional challenges. The text prolongs to state, “A study at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey found that obese girls ages 13 to 14 are four times more likely to experience low self-esteem than non-obese girls” (Eurek). At that specific age, it is normal to feel self-conscious about your appearance and actions. Never less, bearing excess weight can have a negative toll on the young girl’s mental health. As it brings attention to their body type. Causing them to compare themselves to slimmer peers. This mindset can be toxic to children as it makes them more inclined to undergo low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can lead to more adverse troubles. Not to mention, depression is often an outcome of low self-esteem. A recent study reports that “An overweight or obese child has three times the risk for depression in adulthood as a normal-weight child. Risk rises four times for children who are overweight or obese in both childhood and adulthood, according to a new study, CBS News reports” (Trevino, Amber). Depression can commonly be a result of trauma. A specific trauma that obese children may suffer from is bullying. Obese children who are targeted (bullied) for their weight begin to become more unfavorably mindful of their appearance. This mentality is unhealthy for children to go through. Especially if that outlook becomes excessive and prevents enjoyment and self-love and one’s daily life. Additionally, childhood obesity can also cause mental complications such as eating disorders. The editorial perpetuates, “Obesity is a risk factor for eating disorders, including binge-eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, and bulimia” (Fraser-Thrill, Rebecca). Unfortunately, starting at a young age children consider finding is significant as to how other students endorse them. Fitting in with an ideal body type is what emboldens children to want to lose weight. However, this prepossession can include induce the effects and listed above. And to feel worthy about themselves they continue to practice these intense eating disorders. Children can unintentionally overeat to cope with their emotions. Or starve themselves to slim down, in order to fit in. In sum, childhood obesity can lead to various mental health issues.

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It is greatly unfortunate that children begin to have negative outlooks on people as early as elementary school. But this attitude is extremely impactful on obese children’s social health. This makes obese children more susceptible to harassment and peer exploitation due to their weight. Stereotypes are also created making obese children perceived as unflattering. The weight bias is what causes regular children to isolate themselves from the obese. That issue is so prevalent that, childhood obesity causes children/teens to be socially discriminated leading to them having fewer acquaintances.

Obese children’s social health is significantly impacted. The classification of their body types spawns society to seclude them, impairing their capability to enact in normal social intercourses. As mentioned, those teens (children) attempt to disconnect themselves from social platforms in the belief of not being admirable enough, due to their appearance. However, this can also influence them in the future as not having good social communication with strangers can make it difficult to apply for colleges, jobs, and be good at speaking in general. However, adults are at fault for this issue as they bring upon these ideas at an early age to their children. Based on the scientific literature the text states, “According to studies, the weight stigma begins as early as age three because adults instill this negative attitude in their kids. Lazy, ugly, stupid, and disgusting are just a few of the hurtful epithets familiar to the obese” (Staff). For adults to be teaching this to the children can be problematic in three ways. Not only does it advise children of regular weight to deceptively miss deem obese kids but, it also renders them from wanting to engage with obese children not to mention, this can be adverse to the obese child themselves. If children are neglecting them, they will be less likely to receive friend nominations implementing their social skills, and social status. To conclude, childhood obesity makes kids prone to social discrimination which ultimately is affecting their social health.

Childhood obesity is a social inquiry, that is primarily a contributory cause of addictive junk food ponderously commercialized to children. Ultimately, childhood obesity has many effects on human health. It has consequences that impact children’s physical, mental, and social health. These consequences can be detrimental as they develop concerns such as cardiovascular diseases, depression, diabetes, and peer victimization, etc. Childhood obesity is an ongoing problem that could fearfully progress into our future. Therefore, it is necessary to have steps taken in action to solve this issue because if we don’t it will affect our children of today and generations to come. Imagine what we would put at risk if we don’t advocate for something so simple that we can argue against it.

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