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To What Extent does Childhood Trauma Influence Criminal Behaviour?

The debate on what the causes of criminal behaviour has been a long going one. Many have tried to explain and give reason for the actions of offenders. But at the end of every debate, people are left with the question: Is There a Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Criminal behaviour? And if there is there is a connection at all how much does their upbringing contribute to antisocial behaviour. The Natural Institution of mental health defines childhood trauma as...
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The Aspects of Middle and Late Childhood

Introduction Middle and late childhood is considered the calm before the storm as many of the major developments have either happened or are about to happen. Early to middle childhood is defined as an age from about six years old to about eleven years old, and it is a time of stabilization. The child is beginning to understand the core principles being taught in elementary school. According to Piaget middle and late childhood is the of concrete operational stage of...
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Perspectives on Children and Childhoods

I have always had an interest in children and childhood studies. I have grown up in a joint family system, hence I have had a very close contact with children from an early age. I generally get on well with them, be it family or children of other family friends, I can establish a good relationship with them. One reason as to why I was motivated to study this module is that I have always wanted to be able to...
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The Peculiarities of Childhood Vaccinations

Exploring the debate on child vaccinations has been a controversy that has emerged in recent years. While most people that follow traditions support universal vaccinations because they believe that they can help fight off a variety of infectious diseases. However, others hold a different opinion in which they strongly believe that child vaccinations do more harm than good. CREATE THESIS AND PUT AT END OF THIS PARAGRAPH! Those individuals arguing for the use of universal vaccinations point out that millions...
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Childhood Abuse as a Predictor for BPD Cross-culturally

Psychological research is conducted to help broaden our knowledge and understanding of psychological processes, human behaviors and to possibly help build effective treatments for disorders and diagnostic criteria that accurately diagnose patients. In many different countries and cultures, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) has many different diagnostic criteria that define the disorder. Due to the lack of cross-cultural research around BPD cultural differences were not accounted for when considering how BPD symptoms may look in other places around the world. According...
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Can Childhood be Understood as a Social Construct?

Social Construct has many different definitions, according to Norozi & Moen (2016) “Social construction of childhood is grounded in varying conceptions among different cultures, societies and at different time period in history”. But how does this have anything to do with childhood or childcare? Well Childhood/Childcare are seen in many ways it as it is made up of many different factors e.g. time, age, policies, environment etc. Childhood is usually focused on theories and that’s how we observe them, but...
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Policy Critique: Childhood Activity

In the past two decades, the rates of child obesity have significantly increased in Alaska. Records provided by the State of the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Obesity Prevention and Control in 2017 show that, 17% of Alaskan children are overweight, while 14% of them are obese. Some of the factors that have contributed to high rates of obesity include lack of physical activity, lack of supportive environments, and unhealthy eating (State of Alaska Department of Health and...
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Childhood Trauma VS Serial Killers

One’s childhood has a significant impact on that person for the remainder of their life. But to what extent? I will be addressing childhood abuse & trauma and how that relates too criminal activity and mostly focus on serial killers. There is a trend with abuse and childhood trauma and that correlating into serial killers and criminal activity. Not all abused children become serial killers; also, not all serial killers have a past of childhood abuse or childhood trauma. Still,...
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Gender and Childhood: how Early Childhood Socialization Defines our Understanding of Gender?

Gender as defined by the World Health Organization is the “socially constructed characteristics of women and men.” This can include but is not limited to gender roles and norms and relationships between men and women, and these “socially constructed characteristics change from culture to culture (“Gender”). Sex and gender, while used interchangable in American vernacular, are not synonymous; sex refers to biological diffrences between males and females where as gender is gender is the social and cultural diffrences. Children can...
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The Peculiarities of Early Childhood Studies

Introduction I have chosen to complete my work placement in a playschool setting as I believe it will encourage my development as a childcare practitioner. There’s many different beliefs and values which are relevant for working in this area which I will highlight and discuss in detail throughout this essay. I will include beliefs and values which impact the child, parent and the practitioners themselves. There are many skills and abilities that are required for practice, throughout placement I would...
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The Notion of Childhood as a Social Construct

Childhood lacks a universal definition due to various shifts in child research and interpretations overtime (McNamee, 2016). Initial views of children were dominated by developmental psychologists, primarily focusing on physical development into adulthood (Wyness, 2011). Therefore, scientific research of the positivist paradigm dominated child research. Yet, the emergence of the social study of childhood, not only recognised the taken-for-granted element of childhood, but also acknowledged that childhoods are merely socially constructed (James, et al., 1998), therefore based on societal perspectives...
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The Concept of Childhood Masculinity in Roth’s Call It Sleep and Dos Passos’ Manhattan Transfer

The concept of masculinity is one that has always been widely represented throughout early literature, but Henry Roth’s Call It Sleep and John Dos Passos’ Manhattan Transfer introduce a trajectory of masculine identities that cause confusion within the child-like minds of David Schearl, Jimmy Herf and most interestingly, Ellen Thatcher. I will begin this essay by discussing David’s increasingly intimate relationship with his mother and how Freudian psychoanalysis can be used to explain the fascination he has with the maternal...
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Hows does Childhood Abuse Affect the Adult?

The impacts and effects that childhood sexual abuse has on survivors in adulthood may be vast and varied to each individual. This essay will, therefore, look at how male childhood sexual abuse effects the adult. Combining the psychological, sociological and physical effects to the roots, to include ethical and legal implications to practice with an understanding of different counselling approaches; drawing on my personal experiences in counselling practice. Volunteering for an organisation run for male survivors of sexual abuse and...
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Emerging Issues in Early Childhood Education and Recommendations

Early childhood is a significant and distinct period in life that must be nurtured, respected and valued. Recently, there has been a growing recognition of the importance that the first 5 years’ of life carry through the development of the First 5 Strategy which sets out an optimum vision for ECEC. As highlighted, children deserve the best start in life. (DCYA, 2019). As Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological System’s Theory (1989) highlights, children are profoundly affected by the experiences surrounding them. These encounters...
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Meaning of the Term Childhood as the Happiest Period of Life

“Childhood is the time for children to be in school and at play, to grow strong and confident with the love and encouragement of their family and an extended community of caring adults.” Although not everyone would agree that childhood is the best part of one’s life as some children may be born under such circumstances that are bad, but in most cases childhood is the best phase of life for many reasons. In my opinion, childhood was the golden...
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The Aspects of An American Childhood

Dillard’s essay An American Childhood relives a moment in the author’s past which she could not forget as the particular event stirs a certain kind of awareness within her; something that she still carries and that continues to affect her even as an adult. It is the idea of carrying through a challenge or task that she is facing at the moment with fervor and conviction, of forgetting everything for the sake of the goal however little or even stupid...
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Should Childhood Vaccinations Be Compulsory?

Currently childhood vaccinations are not compulsory in the UK. Yet, compared to countries like the united states of America the UK’s immunisation rates remain relatively high. However, in recent years concern over the safety of vaccinations has risen and as a result a decrease in vaccinations have been seen. Therefore, the question of making them compulsory rises, as even with the smallest dip in numbers outbreaks can be seen, such as the measles outbreak in Wales, explored later in this...
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Effects of Fundamental Right of Childhood

Many individuals wander for miles on their feet around the world to beg for money or food and try at their minimum best to fulfill their basic needs. The unfulfillment of needs leads to the destruction of the development from occurring in both inner and outer bodies of the individual. In order for survival, humans need nutritious food, quality education, clean and safe water, appropriate housing as well as suitable healthcare, all of which contribute to the overall health and...
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Proper Nutrition in Childhood

It is vital during adolescence to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The benefits include: more energy, improve mood and creating foundation for healthy lifestyle later in life. During adolescence the human body going through many changes and is growing at a very quick pace (Hopkins Medicine, n.d.). By consuming more fruits, vegetables, complex carbs and lean protein, a young body is able to perform at its best. Without proper nutrition you would not be able to enjoy the extracurricular activities such...
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Social Factors and Childhood Poverty

Growing up in poverty is something that no man or woman should have to deal with, but a child growing up in poverty is much worse. Having this stress put on the child can cause severe consequences on their health, mind, and personality. In order to decrease the amounts of childhood poverty in the world, countries need to invest more in social programs, increase educational opportunities to young children, and equalise income segregation. Social programs are most important to society...
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An Investigation on the Impact of Early Childhood Caries

In researching the effects of ECC on sociability four research articles were reviewed, analyzed on recorded: Acharya and Tandon (2011) ‘The effect of early childhood caries on the quality of life of children and their parents’, Bramantoro et. al. (2015) ‘The Patterns of Dental Caries Influence on the Children’s Quality of Life Aged 3-5 Years Based on the Socioeconomic Characteristics’, Jabin and Chaudhary (2014) ‘Association of Child Temperament with Early Childhood Caries’ and de Oliveira et. al. (2017) ‘Behavior Factors...
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Neglect of Girls During Childhood

Women play a vital role in moulding the destiny of our civilization. But the girl child, very often, not only faces neglect and inequality but sometimes the gravest forms of violence. In India, in many places, traditions challenge the very existence of girl child. In spite of remarkable hue and cry about gender equality and the enforcement of laws for achieving the same, a large number of new-born girls are still being abandoned in the garbage, while the unborn female...
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Childhood as Innocence in Relation to To Kill A Mocking Bird & Beasts Of The Southern Wild

This essay shall be disscuing childhood and childhood innocence. It shall also look at the literature /media portrayal used , it’s plot and relation to the idea of childhood as innocence. As humans, one must be careful of the evil of this world. Abhorrent atrocity event happens everyday, around every human being. Although these dreadful and horrific events surround every human, yet children are clueless to it all. Children are filled with innocence and uncertainty of event that transpire around...
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Childhood Poverty and its Effects on Adulthood

Childhood poverty is an unfortunate pandemic that is difficult to get a handle on. Impoverished communities are evident in every city or town, even the seemingly wealthy ones. While poverty certainly takes a toll on adults, it can hit children harder as they are more vulnerable. Childhood poverty is an unfortunate pandemic that is difficult to get a handle on. Poverty affects children’s physical health, mental health, and keeps them trapped in a cycle that leads into adulthood. Before assessing...
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The Impact of Childhood Education: The Roles of Importance in Education

Abstract Elementary education is analyzed thoroughly and definitively while major questions and aspirations are discussed at length. Major roles and professionalism in teaching are also discussed. Experiences, beliefs, and biases are explained in detail regarding the role of teachers in Early Childhood Education. The author discusses his or her past elementary educators and describes why he or she believes the teachers are so impactful. Concerns about the future of the career are also brought to attention while the author describes...
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Etiology of Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Abstract This paper explores many aspects of the etiology of childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) including specific characteristics, cause of pathology, impact on subsystems and an overview of a full assessment. Bernthal, Bankson and Flipsen (2017) discuss that childhood apraxia of speech is a speech sound disorder with distinct difficulty in motor planning and execution. There is no cumulative list of exact features children with childhood apraxia of speech possess, but the American Speech-Language-Hearing association released a position statement in...
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Early Childhood Adversity in Indigenous Canadian Communities

It is no secret that how a person was raised and what they experience shape who they become. However, when we think of childhood experiences shaping a person, we often forget that the experiences they face in childhood can become a factor related to mental health issues they are experiencing as an adult. According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (2018) there is a fifty percent chance of a Canadian experiencing mental health issues by the time they...
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How Modern Culture is Changing Childhood

Abstract As the generations evolve the culture of people change as well. Many people believe that the people of today should learn to be intellectual and that this is necessary to be taught from the young ages for a child to able to adapt to the changing environments. Often this consumes a child preventing them from exploring their true qualities and attributes. Instead of playing outside, verbally and physically communicating with friends, relaxing, pursuing their hobbies and being creative they...
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Sociology of Childhood: Gender and Sexuality

In this essay I am going to be writing about gender and sexuality and I will be using sociological theories to compare the differences between being a male and what is expected of them and being a female and what is expected of them and I will be writing about how sexuality is dealt with in the school curriculum. The difference between sex and gender is that sex is the biological factor for example you are born with a penis...
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Childhood Trauma and Substance Abuse in Female Offenders

Substance abuse is one of the factors related to female offender’s pathway into the criminal justice system (CJS), it has been correlated with the after-math of childhood abuse and the repeated involvement in crime (Bloom et al, 2003). Vast numbers of women in prison have been arrested for drug offences or have reported to have a drug abuse problem (Henderson, 1998). In the UK the average percentage of women who are in custody that have been reported to have a...
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