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Children Nutritional Interventions In Kenya

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Nutritional intervention is put into place to correct an issue at hand. The major concerns that are presented could be low birth weight children, school performance or etc. When nutritional intervention comes into place it provides support to overcome the obstacles at hand to make the situation better. Within this intervention, the ones involved and the people assisting the ones infected educated about the current circumstances as well. It basically cleans up the atmosphere of those infected. Per Andeal (2019) states that nutritional intervention goals provided the basis for monitoring progress and measuring outcomes. There are four different domains for nutritional intervention:

  • Food and or nutrient delivery
  • Nutrition Education
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Coordination of Nutrition Care

When it comes to the process of intervention everything has to planned and implemented pe Andeal (2019). When it comes to planning there has to be a priority as to how things are accounted for, and how it would play into helping the people in need. The implementation of the intervention has to include goals. Right now we will look into the country Kenya and see what nutritional concerns that have at hand when it comes to the children in their country, and also attempt to discover what plans they have in place to overcome what they are faced with when it comes to their children.

When kids are involved, it is important to be sure they are able to see physicians and get their well-child care checkups.

Health Concerns

The children in Kenya when they are born they have many encounters with health concerns. Some of the health concerns that the children in Kenya are faced with has a negative impact on their growth and how they develop as children to reach adulthood. Back in 2003, there was a survey completed and it spoke about the mortality rose from 100 to 115 in 2003 per Unicef (2019) The illness in Kenya that causes a lot of issues for the children is called Malaria. Malnutrition is also another issue that takes place when it comes to health for children in Kenya. Children are also infected with AIDS/HIV and since the child is not receiving the proper care at home.

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There are also orphans that are taken in by other families. The saddest part is some of the kids in Kenya are left out on their own and have to live on the streets or in other unsafe areas. Two areas that need improvement would be malnutrition and also the deaths of children due to the diseases that they have due to poverty.

When the child is malnutrition it is impossible for the child to grow and reach the normal weight. IMR stands for Infant mortality rates. Per the statistics there was 54 per 1000 live births in Central Province to 206 per 1000 live births in Nyanza Province and so forth. Kenya has a huge reporting for HIV and it seems that the ones affected are children. By the time some of the children in Kenya turns 2 they die from AIDS or HIV.

The government there in Kenya are attempting to develop a resolution to the problem to build better care based on the community level in the area. MDG is an area that we learned about within Public Health, and it wants to help reach certain goals, however, they didn’t. SO now SDG is assisting with any goals not met and plan to reach them by 2030. In Kenya based on the MDG report children are in school now, including elementary and also middle school age. In 2006 the rates went from 62% to 78% per Unicerf (2019).The governor in Kenya wants to make sure that all children receive a great education, and receive welfare and not live in poverty. Kenya did reach a few goals that MDG set forth such as education, HIV/AIDS, and is close to reaching gender equality.

Kenya has a lot of health issues and also other safety issues when it comes to children in Kenya.

  • Poverty
  • Health
  • Education
  • Violence against children
  • Child Labour
  • Child prostitution
  • Child refugee
  • Refugee camps
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Child marriages
  • Right to identify


The children in Kenya are faced with so many challenges and it seems that there are more issues than the overall diseases and malnutrition issues. With the Millennium Goals that were set and not all were accomplished. It is possible that since the Sustainable Development Goals will focus on all countries and all areas to fix all areas around that fall into their goals. It is understandable that the children left to take care of themselves will become infected, malnutrition and abused if they had to take care of themselves.


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