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Children's Experiences after Encountering their Parents Separation or Conflict

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I’ve decided to discuss the children’s experiences after encountering their parents separation or conflict. Definitely, the topic is related to our group’s approved title. This aims to specify what occurrences that the children had faced. In addition, it’s for the readers to have empathy and for them to be mindful on how to deal with people who had undergone a painful event. This essay is important for us to have a better understanding regarding those children. The strongest single predictors of child outcomes are family violence and inter-parent conflict, which have direct negative effects on child wellbeing as well as indirect effects through their impact on parenting and parent mental health (Baxter, Weston & Qu, 2011; Lucas, Nicholson & Erbas, 2013). The following information involves the negative effects of parents separation or conflict to their child/ren’s wellbeing. According to Lucas, et al.(2013), ‘for example, found that the twofold increase in risk of mental health difficulties among children from separated families compared to those from intact families was fully accounted for by inter-parental conflict, mothers’ and fathers’ mental health, and socioeconomic factors.’

Interpersonal problems include poor social skills, peer rejection, problems with authority figures and parents, and lower empathy for others (McIntosh & Ralfs, 2012). This essay contains solutions to some of the given social problems. For the research method, I chose to give an open-ended survey questionnaires to thirty (30) students that I would consider suitable on the criteria or basis that I’ve made for the judgmental or purposive sampling. Additionally, I will study articles and records regarding my topic to provide accurate and reliable information. The open-ended survey questionnaires can be given to the students on a section. In other words, it’s for youths because there will be a consideration in every question. Thematic analysis will be used to analyze the data that will be collected on the chosen day of the students when they can manage to pass the survey questionnaires after 45 minutes of having it.

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Children, ages 8-18, spend over 7.5 hours a day, 7 days a week using media sites outside of school (Rideout, Foehr, & Roberst, 2010). This statement gave an idea for a solution to poor social skills. A solution is the usage of social media platforms by people who might know someone that is experiencing a social problem which is a result of parents conflict or separation. All the time that children and teenagers spend on the web and more specifically social media sites, takes time away from face-to-face communication and in-person activities (Giedd, 2012). If a person is an introvert, continuous interacting or talking to them and making them feel important using social media sites may contribute to the improvement of their social skills. According to Knapp & Hall(2010), ‘Non-verbal communication is an important part of communicating and it includes facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice as well as posture, space between individuals, etc.’ This information can be a factor for an another solution. An individual who interacts with a person who have an interpersonal problems should possess a good non-verbal communication skills.

The research essay contains some specific problems that an aware child(ren) deals with. Recommended solutions are stated. For me, being expressive using social skills are essential in our life. In addition, understanding a person’s situation is a must. Lastly, we should help and lift up anyone.


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