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China In The Middle Ages: Buddhism, Confucianism, And Taoism

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When the Han Dynasty fell around 220 C.E. This time of period would also be known as “Medieval China” that started in 220 C.E. and came to an end in 1368 C.E. China had to deal with confusing situations with their society. Most of the countries had only one religion and they went into war over the religion. China had to rebuild their society of having three major religions: Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. China has been known for its leaders, inventions, and researching, as well as medicine, technology, science, and art.

Buddhism became a positive impact for China’s development, such as literature and the philosophies. Buddhism started to gain some more popularity since the Han Dynasty fell apart in China. Buddhist often came from India as the sculptures were becoming into Chinese form. China established a trademark called the Silk road. The silk road was a trade route that connected the East and the West of China. It was said that Buddhism was a single religion throughout the Han Dynasty.

The Buddhism showed religion as a practically purposes. It showed their beliefs visible and the colors used in the painting were rich and diverse. Buddhism art was said to serve as some sort of mediation because of the amount of detail the art showed. Also, sculptures captivated the power of the religion of Buddhism. Not only was art that showed the power of the Buddhism religion, other aspects like dance, symbols, visual mythology played a huge part on this religion and how China became positive of Buddhism. Buddhist art.

Another religion is Confucianism, a religion that was defined for people to be educated, trained, and with some personal experience. Confucianism came down to one the most popular religions in China. Confucianism was to make an example for people to have hope and make a better living of their lives. This type of art showed the relations between loyalty and types of ministers. The desaturated colors within the drawings and painting showed that how the importance of things became secondary.

In China, Taoism was not a religion, it was mainly focused of how people wanted to live their lives that’s pretty like Confucianism. Taoism focuses on the mental aspects of the mind and body through dance and art. Many people today use Taoism through dance as it allows a person to live their life like a river flowing as it relaxes the body and mind. Some people say the use of Taoism finds answers and they explore their inter-being.

Taoism uses several visual symbols as each symbol represents the importance of Taoism. For instance: The Yin-Yang Symbol is the way how Taoism approaches the opposites or shifting the opposites;

China was a developed country, they’ve developed many products such as technology, medicine, and coin currency. Those products that were developed are used in the United States today. Speaking of coin currency, China was the first country to ever develop paper money and was the first country to use it. Paper currency was first developed during the Tang Dynasty. They’ve build the first mechanic clock, and have also invented a magnetic compass, as in today both of the those would just be on a phone.

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Technology has been a big impact in our lives. China has made a big step in technology of some great inventions. In today’s world, we are so connected to phones, computers, etc. Paper and printing were first found in China during the Tang Dynasty. Way back before we were alive, communication was much harder than it is today. Most of the products that are in the United States were invented in china. Where most of the products that were purchased have a lettering of “Made in China”.

Chinese art is one of the oldest pieces of art of any kind in the world, as makings pots and sculptures. But why is this so important for China? Each artwork has made some characteristic and developments for the dynasties. Most of the art that is sculpture in China was used with carving on stone, using silk to make their painting and sculptures. The Neolithic Yang Shao was one the early forms of art that was used for china.

One of China’s most memorable leader, Genghis Khan, who was the first leader of China to make a great effort that made a big impact on helping China build up on their society. Khan stabilized China very well, he provided more land for his people, giving safety to traders on transports to make trades at the Silk Road. But eventually those trade routes later in the years started to become highways.

Han Art, which is the two-sculptures next to each other. This was during the Han Dynasty, which used to be the golden dynasty in China. Some of these artworks were made for music, literature, and poetry. When the Han Dynasty started to realize that art was used for funerals, where it was making tombs arts. During this time, making this artwork was simple because the only thing people used for art is brushes and carving into stone.

The Buddha is one of the sculptures that have been most known artworks in the world. When Buddhism came from India to China, it made an affect on China during the Han Dynasty of art and culture. This type of artwork will be remembered in art history forever.

China has been known for their landscape artworks and they paint most of them in all five dynasties. Painting mountains in landscape painting were famous and they paint the with black lines, ink wash, etc. They would also paint rivers, lakes at the bottom of the painting to make it have an importance. Famous artist took part of this landscape: Guo Xi, Fan Kuan, and Jing Hao.

China had to go through some confusing situation when the Han Dynasty fell apart. It shows how Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism has completely made a positive impact on building their society, Genghis Khan comes to take command and helps China to build on the society. China invented many products that was shipped to the United States and are still being used today. China is a country that will be remembered and came down as a successful country.

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