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Chinese New Year Peculiarities

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You know in Chinese culture sometimes is very interesting it is thought that certain foods are considered to bring good luck sometimes is because the way to look like and some other times is the way they sound.

Chinese new year cake

So today I want to introduce you to 10 different foods and after eating them I hope that you all have laws the laws of good luck

Rice Cake

Rice cake in Chinese is mean girl so it sounds like getting tall and I’m getting higher every year so I hope that after eating ANCA I can get taller in my age but probably that it pretty much symbolizes getting a promotion or getting better at some things so if you’re interested in the rice cake recipe then read more about Rice Cake.


Orange is Chun in Chinese which sells the same as success Chen.


Apple I blow in Chinese is the ping pool and the pinyin Apple sound system as peace.


Peanut and Chinese are flashing and the Wishon also means to give birth so when they see a lovely couple or during weddings,v they will also give you a piece of peanut.

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Seeds Search in Chinese is called and since that’s the same as sons or kids so if you want lots of kids you don’t have kids yet eat lots of seats alright.

Special food for Chinese new year

Chinese garlic chives and in Chinese, we call it Jones’s head and then which also means every last thing long life something along the line like forever so next time when you see a girlfriend, you love this girl for so much you want to engage him you want to be with her forever why not cook her dish up Jo Tech


Onion in Chinese Jung-ho and the words ho sounds the same as cleverness wisdom smart celesta if you have to take a final exam or midterm or SAT and all that why not eat some army before you go to take the test but then again you might have a pretty strong breath right there.

Chinese longevity noodles


ludo symbolizes longevity so when you eat them do not cut them okay do not cut your life people usually eat them during birthday because they want to have a long life so if you’re interested in my noodle recipe read more about it.


Dumplings some fling symbolizes wealth and good fortune because they look like going Inca so in my dumpling recipe I talked about it so for more information you can read about it.


Fish and Chinese is mmm and if you’re interested in more fish recipe check out right here alright guys so happy Friday I’m enjoying this whole weekend and comment below and let me know if you’re interested in this type of conversation so I’ll try to make more something related to food and culture and let me know what I do I’m really lucky good lucks food that I didn’t know are probably in your culture and I have an apple that I want to share with you that.

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