Christian Biblical Worldview And Homosexuality

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When studied through the Biblical Christian worldview, the most general description an individual who aligns with these morals believes that sex is a gift provided by God to be used to express love to be shared specifically between a husband and wife. It is stated that the Bible does not and really should not focus on the “obscurity” of homosexual behavior and statements. When looking back on the Scripture, it regards it as moving away outside of God’s intention in creating man and woman in his image and as beings who are made to carry out His Word. They will respect the individual, but not their lifestyle.

Though it is the most common form that surveys a majority of Biblical worldview holders, some may not mind homosexuality and choose to love and respect their brothers and sisters just as God intended them too, they know that them being comfortable with themselves is allowing them to live happier. This makes the worldview holder feel content in their own right. Like mentioned before, as we move into this new day and age, religious individuals have grown to be so much more accepting, and the second version has taken a hold on more individuals.

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On the other hand, there is no contemporary issue without some form of violence and within a Biblical Christian Worldview, this comes from those who look to voice their opinions in violent ways. Unfortunately, we still have groups such as the Klu Klux Klan and Christian Identity that find pleasure and reassurance in violation and brutality directed towards the LGBTQ+ community as well as individuals of minority groups. A true Biblical Christian Worldview has absolutely no space for hatred toward those who associate with same-sex attraction. God has personally taught us to regard all beings have special value and dignity even if one may see it as sin as love is the ultimate priority and informing those they may not always agree with God’s truth with understanding and civility. A Biblical worldview can be well-examined and thoughtful, more than just a case based on personal judgment and morals, but, in the end, stands as a specialized life system through Christ that seeks to answer the basic questions of life.

Homosexuality and the varying identities within society today have, without a doubt, shifted and impacted the world around us and, personally, I believe has allowed us to take larger strides in the development of our tolerance and understanding of our neighbors. To say that God hates homosexuals is an absurd statement to make for He wants us all to do good in the world, even if “us” includes those who He or others do not see conventionally. He loves all of His creations with His whole heart and equally, and He pushes all of us to do the same.

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