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Essays on Christianity

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Jesus Christ: Christian Cults And Sects

Crafts by Christ on the Cross The Good book asserts that man’s acknowledgment with God depends totally on Christ’s work on the cross, totally separated from man’s works for God (Lady. 2:16,21; Rom. 3:19-26). Along these lines, man gets God’s acknowledgment as an unconditional present...
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Christian Cults And Sects: Mormons

The motivation behind this paper is to give an archived review of the major ‘Christian’ organizations, or what some have called religions. We are utilizing the term organizations to maintain a strategic distance from the substantially more confused idea of cults/sects. Explicit consideration is given...
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The Peculiarities Of Pope John Paul II Work

Pope John Paul ll has a variety of different beliefs about abortion. In his reading he lists belief which align with the church. Paul II also has scientific background to prove his case that abortion should not be used. Paul talks about the reasons why...
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Eucharist As One Of The Sacraments in Christianity

The Eucharist also known as the Holy Communion or the Lord’s Supper and other names is a Christian rite which is also a sacrament in most Catholic churches. The eucharist was instituted during the Last Supper by Jesus Christ, when he gave his disciples bread...
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The Role The Crucified Christ

Introduction For many years, the artist has used and still use several forms of artwork as a way of representing their ideas, skills, and educating the community. For many years Corpus has and is still regarded as the most extended lost masterpieces. Historically, Bernini cast...
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The History Of The Crusades

What happened when the seljuk turks invaded the Byzantine Empire? In this essay I will give a detailed description of the 1st and 3rd crusades, also I will explain the political,economic and religious impacts of the crusades, last I will give my opinion of if...
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The Effects And Influence Of The Catholic Church

Introduction The dominant influence from 1921 to 1950 in Ireland was The Catholic Church. They had a huge say in how the country was run during this time period as they were in partnership with the government, Éamon De Valera was the Taoiseach, the party...
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