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Essays on Christianity

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The Challenges Of Protestant Reformation

The Protestant Reformation challenged medieval Catholic Christianity in three categories; Sacraments, writings, and causing The Counter-Reformation. Because of authors like John Calvin, free thinkers like the Anabaptists, and historic meetings like the Council of Trent, Catholic Christianity had to adapt to the new world to...
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What Were The Reasons For People To Go On Crusades?

The medieval crusades are a series of religiously motivated military activities that took place mainly between 1095 – 1291BC, in an attempt for authority in the middle east to be restored to the Catholic Church and the papacy. The first crusade is widely agreed to...
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The Aspects Of The Unification Church

Introduction Various Christian-based groups have been associated with violence and cultic activities. The groups have been charged with brainwashing to increase and retain participants in churches. The literature review sets out to focus on the Unification Church, with conflict as an underlying theme. Focusing in...
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What Is The Role Of Food In Faith?

In some faiths, the concept of food does not hold much significance and may not have an influence on how one leads their life in accordance to God. However in other faiths such as Sikhism, Hinduism and Christianity food is a fundamental feature of their...
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