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The Teachings Of The Catholic Church

Capital Punishment, also known as the ‘Death Penalty’, is a government-based exercise in which a person is killed as a punishment for a specific crime. Many countries, including First World Nations, have Capital Punishment already established or in practice today. Capital Punishment dates back to...
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Church And Religion Impact The Lives Of Nobles And Peasants

The Church spread its Catholic beliefs all throughout Europe in Medieval times, greatly impacting both nobles and peasants. The Church’s ability to influence everyone, rich and poor, gave it the power to always be right. With this power, the Church was able to control things...
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Types And Peculiarities Of Christian Church

Introduction The place of worship that we visited and that will be the main focus of this task is known as ‘Seaford Christian Churches’. Within this space of worship, there are 5 denominations of Christianity. One catholic church congregates here whilst the other 4 are...
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The Necessity Of A Separation Of Church And State

In thirteen countries around the world, failure to comply with the religion recognised by the state is punishable. By death. However, out of the 86% of people who do choose to find comfort and hope in faith; some views are better off being kept private....
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Sacraments Of Healing In Modern Day Church

Introduction Anointing of sin is the second healing sacrament that has been performed for centuries, slowly being interpreted for the modern world. During this ritual a priest lays his/her hands on the participant and anoints with the Oil of the Infirm, first, on the forehead...
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The History Of Church Corruption

“Power doesn’t corrupt people, people corrupt power” (“William Gaddis Quotes.” 1). When Rome fell in 476 AD, the Catholic Church became the most powerful department in all of Europe. By the time the Middle ages came around, the church had taken over physically and politically....
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Soledad: Traditions And Inclusivity In The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is one of the oldest and most followed religious orders in the world, yet it is not without its criticisms. Throughout history the Church has been criticized for its responses to many different affairs. One piece of literature that provides such criticism...
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About Church & Homosexuality: Love, Sex And Gays

Introduction Throughout the course of history, music has continuously demonstrated its significant influence on humanity by virtue of its ability to evoke emotions and feelings in humans’ life. Consequently, singers and songwriters have embraced music to reach far beyond the limits of quotidian words in...
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The Use Of Technology In The Global Church

Technology has been helping to spread the gospel since the 15th century with the invention of the Gutenberg Printing Press (Kelley 13). Today, churches use technology in such mediums as television and social media in an attempt to reach more individuals and to keep in...
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