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Cinematography, Photography And Film Making As My Scholarly Interests

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Specifically my interests are real world production based training, researching new technologies, techniques and workflows,and developing my own artistic style. In addition to that I do a lot of research on the history of Photography and that leads me to establish the Photomuse, India’s First photography museum and a rural art gallery which always interpret art education in different style.

As a educator and Cinematographer within such a technologically innovative field, it is my duty to continue developing myself as both an artistic and technical professional in order to remain a valuable mentor to my students and contributor to my field. The drive to consistently find effective ways to incorporate that knowledge into my teaching methodology for my students has led to the creation of multiple internships, mentorships and production experiences with my industry connections. My philosophy of teaching is built upon mixing the theoretical with the practical, developing both the logic and creative sides of the brain, in order to train highly employable and qualified job applicants.

I am constantly aiming to fulfill my mission of bringing the concept of the “apprenticeship” back into academia as well as the studio. The industry consists of highly collaborative work environments that require innovative teaching techniques to produce highly qualified artists and designers that can contribute immediately to a studio’s workflows. Combine these unique training needs along with the fact that all entry level jobs in the industry now require 1-2 years experience, and its becomes imperative that we develop real world production based training within the classroom, basically a modern version of the apprenticeship.

It is a common issue, especially in this rapidly changing global economy, that graduating art and design students will have to work for free for a few years to get that first paying job in their desired profession. Many, who cannot afford to work for free, are forced to take jobs that are not in their desired profession and work on the side for free to continue training, hence extending the time it takes to get into their desired profession, or abandon their pursuit of their dream jobs altogether. Bringing the production studio into the classroom, either virtually or physically not only gives students more work experience but also develops their skill sets of logical analysis, team collaboration and creative problem solving of real world production issues that studios require of their new hires. This is why the industry is very network oriented. Professionals are hired more on who they know than their actual skill set because being recommended for the job is an indicator that the job candidate knows how to work in a collaborative studio environment and that’s a safer bet than an unknown job candidate with a better skill set.

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Due to these industry hiring practices, academic production studios offering apprenticeships is an essential academic innovation to benefit the next generation of graduates into the industry. The idea of an apprenticeship is an irreplaceable form of education and training, especially in a production based field where skills can only be refined with experience. This is a field where practical training is needed most but apprenticeships have all but disappeared. That is why production based training or “apprenticeships” are central to my teaching methodologies as a educator and to my training methodologies as an industry professional.

In this industry, producers typically expect their employees to carry out several tasks during a production. Students must be prepared to be flexible with their skills and so this is another strong factor in my philosophy of education. This is why alumni must leave with both the logic of the production and the creativity of the artist. Both sides of the brain must be trained to the maximum potential of the student as the content they create will depend on their logical abilities to use the tools of their trade along with their creative abilities to address the production issues that lay ahead of them.

My full-time industry jobs have strengthened my ability to research and develop wide ranging industry workflows. I take raw, inexperienced talent and mentor them in their integration of a fast paced, collaborative film industry practice .. I have brought these industry development practices into the classrooms . I am always looking to evolve teaching practices in my field due to the constant innovation ofthese highly technical industries. The fast paced developments in the industry and its workflows are something that I study very closely. Over the years, I have developed my style of teaching methods which is always connected with real problem analysis and solutions. Which is almost close to case studies of business management courses.

My Students are not only receiving training in real world production pipelines, but they are also learning how to function in a studio environment. The in-house studio acts as a nursery where potential industry employees grow their team building, problem solving, and production skills. Students participating in studio projects force them to be pushed outside their comfort zones where they are forced to learn different parts of the production pipeline and grow their creative problem solving abilities. Keeping up to date with industry developments not only makes me a more valuable industry professional, but it also ensures that I am a valuable learning source for my students.

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