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Classical Argument On Racism In America

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Racism is a critical issue in America today. In fact, the history of the country is characterized by cases of racism, which have led to a divided society. Many people have experienced racial abuse once in a while, and it is unfortunate that I have become a victim a couple of times. For such reasons, racism would be an important topic to address, with the objective of suggesting potential strategies and measures that would be useful in bringing change in the American society.

Racism affects not only one community but many, especially the African Americans, Asian Americans, and Muslims. In this case, the purpose of the work is to propose an overarching topic and give reasons why the topic is important. Overall, the proposal aims at providing reasons why the subject topic fits for a more detailed research in future. The subject research question: Why has racism and racial inequality persisted in America despite the presence of civil rights?

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There are various reasons why I was drawn to this topic. Being an occasional victim of racism, especially in public places, I feel that this a pressing issue. It is a pressing issue that affects me directly and many others. For example, research shows that living in an area without blacks is considered decent and not being black constitute being in the middle-class (Bobo 94). This shows how extreme racism is in America despite the years of civilization the country experienced. For such reasons, I believe that there is the need to understand the issue and explore it keenly to determine the factors that influence the persistence of the problem. To understand the topic, research will be necessary and will involve the analysis of secondary data. Secondary data is found in sources rather than engaging respondents in an interview or survey. In this case, the methods that will be used in data collection include analysis of published sources and review of online articles. Mostly, the data will be found in books, online libraries and in journal articles, among other sources.

Generally, the hypothetical thesis statement for this work is that ‘white supremacist, the lack of tolerance and ignorance towards other cultures are to blame for the persistence in racism and racial inequality in America’. There are alternative questions that would be suitable for this work. Other than racism, there are other pressing issues such as abortion, gun violence, sexual orientation, and drug abuse, which affect Americans today. Therefore, the alternative questions for this work would be as follows. i. Do you think it would be right for the government to control the sale of guns to control violence in America? ii. Should Americans have stricter laws to control abortion?

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