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Classical Music Essays

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Letter of Recommendation: Classical Music

What I remember the most from my early childhood is my dad’s Sony DVD player. He bought it in 1997 when he married my mom, right before the China-Japan Relations worsened and Sony got rare in the market. It cost my dad three months’ worth of salary, but the money was well spent because the DVD player became the primary form of entertainment in my family for the next ten years. My dad often used it to play me various...
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Influence of Hard Rock, Urban Pop, Meditation Music and Classical Music on People

The notion that music can influence your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors has been around for a long time and does not come as much of a surprise. Renowned psychologists have suggested that knowing the preference of music leads to surprisingly accurate predictions about personality. While extensive research has been done on this subject, there is scope for so much more. Fast-paced rock anthems tend to pump up emotions while tender and somber performances have the ability to move a person...
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Benefits of Classical Music Compared to Pop Music

I am listening to classical music as a I write. I am always listening. A sense of calm fills me as sonatas and symphonies ring in my ears. The gentle precision of each plucked string and pressed key helps me focus on the task at hand whether that be practicing my golf swing or revising my work from the tedious day at school. There is no doubt that classical music has lost its popularity since the age of pop music,...
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Essay on Why Music Is Important

The importance of music in the life of humans and their surrounding is huge. There are many myths about music in public spaces relating to the impact it has. Every person has their own taste in music and which creates a unique relationship in their lives as well. We all know music is and will be the most essential part of people’s life. It even beats literature or newspapers in daily routine. Wherever we go nowadays, we see a pop...
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Classical Music and Visual Bias in Performance

The emphasis on the sensational attributes of classical music visual performance have largely been trivialized in the profession. Where classical music had rigid etiquette and emphasis on standards of style and technique, recent trends of globalized media are reshaping that model with more diversity. In this essay, I argue that the visual element of performance constructs bias in classical music, where visual and aural quality both produce an artistic effect on performers. The discussion concludes that a new emerging order...
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Jazz Vs Contemporary Classical Music: Comparative Essay

Jazz and contemporary classical music are a like in many ways, while also being very different. Music culture in itself is something that is developed slowly over a great deal of time, with constant study and rehearsal in the given genre. Each music culture having its own set of ‘rules’ of dos and don’ts. The better you know these rules, the better understanding of a genre you will have. First let’s start with a definition of the two genres. Jazz...
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Stage Presence in Western Classical Music Performance

Stage presence is the performer’s connection with audience in a way that makes them want to watch and listen to the performance. It is more than the performer’s ability to recite musical lines, sing or play the right notes. Rather, it is the ability to connect with the audience, to immerse them in the story being told and to touch their heart with the sound of music. Everything a performer does: stage attire, confidence on stage and body language; affects...
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Essay on Why Is Music Important

Music plays a significant role in our daily lives since it is not only a specific subject for musicians but also participates in all human beings’ activities in both conscious and unconscious ways. People might choose to listen to music or sing in various circumstances. The genres of music they choose vary according to their situations and their own tastes. One of the most important relations between music and human being can be the interplay of music and emotions. That...
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Reflections about Classical Music

The fact that the strict principles classical music from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries adhered to became the foundation of pretty much any musical genre that was going to emerge after the heydays of its original composers should not be surprising to anyone remotely into music. Listen to how Beethoven epically channeled his inner turmoil, Handel’s oratorios, the complexity of Bach’s compositions, Mozart’s focus on three to four chords and specifically Schubert’s arrangements, and it becomes obvious that their reoccurring...
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Eric Whitacre as the Greatest Composers of Their Times

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Eric Whitacre were two of the most cherished composers of their corresponding times. Mozart was a prominent composer in the 18th century whereas, Whitacre is a notable composer in the 21st century. Moreover, Mozart was an Austrian composer that lived from 1756 to 1791. Eric Whitacre is an American composer that was born on January 2nd, 1970, and is currently still alive. Mozart composed music from the age of 5 until he died at the age...
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Susan McClary's Perspectives on Mozart's Music

In ‘A Musical Dialectic from the Enlightenment: Mozart’s Piano Concerto in G Major’, Susan McClary attempts to identify the social factors of the eighteenth century and today contained in Mozart’s music that go beyond its sheer beauty. She claims that scholars treat the music of eighteenth century as too perfect and void of humanistic emotions. Further, she claims a line can be drawn between Mozart and the rest of eighteenth-century music, which was devoid of human drama and feelings. She...
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Mozart's Overture to 'The Abduction from the Seraglio'

Mozart’s overture to ‘The Abduction from the Seraglio’ was initially designed as an opera. His opera was first performed in Vienna in July 1782. Mozart wanted the public to appreciate his work. This specific piece showed lots of emotions and depth with the way the instruments were played. There were three acts in this one movement. The abduction from the Seraglio was a 6-minute-long performance. The instruments that were incorporated were piccolo, drums, cymbals, triangle, and jungle bells. This music...
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Essay on Mozart: The Face of a New Era of Music

Mozart was an extremely influential composer whose breadth of musical compositions spanned various genres and took the listener on an emotional journey. He was a genius in his own right, unrecognized in his own time, and revered long after his death. Mozart had many influences which affected his musical style. Mozart’s father was a huge influence on this budding musician. He forced him to play piano from an early age and, at age 3, Mozart was playing with a perfect...
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Classical Music and Visual Bias

Music is everywhere. It is heard, it creates music everywhere. Everyone listens to and produces music, no matter what their job or status in life. The inclinations or the type of music we like are different. Sometimes the music we listen to depends on our mood. Sometimes jazz, sometimes classical, and who knows what else. We are united by music, giving each other the opportunity to be with each other, to express feelings or emotions using music. Sometimes we describe...
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I Love Music: Essay

Music plays an important role in every society and culture in various forms and occasions like wedding birthday fun and spiritual. There are no limitations in the form of music. There are classical, traditional, romantic, country-pop techno, spiritual, etc. kind of music. It is a very powerful medium to reach a person’s emotions and expressions that go beyond words. It is scientifically proven that music has helped people to get out of their mental and physical illnesses. Music is one...
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How Music Therapy Transforms the Disadvantaged and Disabled: From Classical Music to Modern Styles

This essay will provide research (both found and from personal experiences) based upon how disadvantaged and disabled people react to music of different genres ranging from classical to more modern styles of music. Music therapy has been used to help disadvantaged and disabled people for hundreds of years dating back to 1789. Musical therapy is considered to be a healthy form of therapy especially for children and adults with autism. One of the reasons that music has quickly become a...
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Music That Had a Significant Impact on Me

Classical music has the reputation of being a bit snobby. To be fair, I have met my fair share of classical musicians who have the most expensive instrument possible and play in a way that it’s easy to tell that they think they are superior to everyone else. Maybe they’ve been playing their instrument for their entire life because their parents forced them into it when they were young. My parents never forced me into anything and my general introduction...
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