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Climate Change And Its Effects On Our Planet

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Can you imagine a world without any ice? All land around the ocean would be flooded, and at the rate we are polluting the atmosphere this would happen very soon. The earth’s surface temperature would significantly rise and important plants and animals that we rely on, would die. Global warming has been happening for a long time and is increasing faster due to the increased population. Because of significant global warming, weather is becoming more and more unpredictable and surface temperatures are dangerously rising on our planet.

Weather on earth has dramatically changed over time. “In only 5,000 years, the earth may not have any ice on it.” (concludes a recent study made by National Geographic). The sea level would rise 216 feet and the North Pole would be melted. Because of this weather would change. Since the North Pole controls weather it makes it so it is less severe. According to a recent study “Between 1970 and 1990 the amount of tornadoes rose by 30 percent and is still rising to this day.”

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“Because of the new rising temperature on earth’s surface caused by burning fossil fuels, many important plants and animals we rely on for our survival are dying” writes source 2: (What is Climate Change? Facts for Kids). “Factories and burning rainforests create gasses that release into the atmosphere creating an invisible blanket that traps the sun’s heat inside of the earth warming it.” States source 2: (What is Climate Change? Facts for Kids). This process, that is happening at a dangerous rate, is called the greenhouse effect. “Within the last 100 years the earth’s surface has risen 2 degrees.” Says Source 1: (What is Climate Change?) This may not sound like a lot but at this rate the planet would be 20 degrees warmer in the next 1,000 years. It would change from an average of 57 degrees fahrenheit worldwide to 77 degrees. ‘Tropical forests are like Earth’s air conditioner,’ Said Source 2: (What is Climate Change? Facts for Kids) “Some solutions to these problems is to walk or bike instead of driving a vehicle and to not eat as much dairy or meat” wrote Source 3: (Climate Change: What is climate change? What could happen? Get all the facts you need to know)

In conclusion you should ride a bike for transportation instead of driving a car. Also eating less meat and dairy lowers the methane gasses that are produced after you eat these foods. Giving money to fighting fires will also make it so firefighters can put fires out quicker so that less smoke is released into the atmosphere.

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