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Climate Change: Myth or Reality? Essay

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Today it is argued whether global warming is the cause of human activities and this has been proven without doubts, scientist all over the world are confirmed that human beings, although insignificant on this mighty planet are causing global warming. Humans are living on this planet as if they have another one to go to, once it is destroyed or drained of its resources.

Almost every one agree that global warming is happening. Burning of fossil fuels are emitting lot of CO2 at extremely dangerous rate. Storms, hurricanes and tornado are a byproduct of global warming. Slow hurricanes are again a phenomenon to be afraid of. We all know that warm air rises and chances of storm grows intensely. Moreover, warm air retains moisture which in turn mean more rain. when storms are slower, it is expected that they will get more time to leash destruction.

Scientists have issued a warning that if our Earth arms mare that 1.5o, ecosystem will collapse. Sea level is rising at alarming rate putting countries like Miami, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Venice in great danger. Total collapse of ecosystem is also expected in the next decade. It I expected that 60% of coral reefs will be in threat by 2030. Warm oceans can cause coral to expel the algae present in its tissues and the result will be coral bleaching. These changes will be irreversible and eventually lead to upset of marine life and threaten human livelihood.

Not long ago we observed Cape Town approaching day zero and climate change was to be blamed. Water supplies ran low and this suggested that if global warming continues, such unusual phenomena will be common occurrence. It is widely believed that Cape Town would become the first city to ran out of water and rest will closely follow.

Scientists believe that climate change has a hand in natural disaster. Global warming caused the unusual dry spell which resulted in drought.

Global warming caused the highest tide in Venice in 50 years. Whether patterns have been changing and these exceptional rise in water level can be directly attributed to global warming.

The solution to all these problem is a green and clean earth, free of toxic emission where things are recycled.

It’s not that the world is sleeping through this era of global warming. Under Paris climate agreement (an agreement within the UN convention on climate change regarding greenhouse gas emission), goal is to keep the global temperature in check by limiting the CO2 level and thus reduce the risk of global warming. Which mechanism is applied and what targets are set, but sad to say, what is done is contrary to this agreement. In 2017 president Donald Trump withdrew from this agreement, as they do not afford to decrease their carbon markets. The major industrialized nation has not cut down CO2 emission and consequent have no met targets.

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We don’t need to go very far in the past to search for the evidence of global warming. In fact, right now a bush fire is raging in Australia which has already burned two million hectares of land on the continent. Bush fires are common occurrence in Australia but according to scientists this year, these fires started before the usual time and its intensity is fueled by global warming. The droughts experienced by Eastern Australia has left its tinder dry and more prone to bush fires.

Desperate measures are required to deal with desperate situations. We can’t feel safe from threat of global warming unless all work together to tackle this problem. Countries must sit together and try to bring about positive change or a day might come that our planet’s face will change for worse. The example I have quoted above provides us substantial evidence that transformation toward destruction has begun.

Now we come to other side of the coin. There are people who dare to deny these crystal clear evidence of global warming. They disregard the fact that our coming generations will be living on an Earth quite different from today or that they will be having heat related illness. They think that global warming is a myth, these are people who want to protect their interests which are in danger, if steps are taken against the use of products that are contributing to global warming. These people refer to quote of Neil Bohr that man has nothing to do with the end of ice age. One should not believe that nature will just remain at rest if we let it be. They speculate, and not without reason that our planet earth is new to us but we, the humans are not new to it. It has seen many of us come and go. Earth has seen 4.5 billion years of its origin and it has seen a lot of climatic changes taking place. These people present the other side of the picture, which is very interesting.

According to the non-believers of global warming, cyclic changes on this Earth have been taking place since time unknown. Climate have changed before but humans not only adapted themselves and survived, rather they flourished, so the idea of global warming is not as threatening as portrayed by the environmentalists. Some of them goes to the extent of saying that the idea of global warming is baseless. And the world is heading toward ice ages. To support this Idea, they present this theory’ What goes up must come down’. A time will come when this warming trend will decline with the exhaustion of fossil fuels and people will switch to alternate resources. The concentration of CO2 will go down. Earth will start to recover and will finally be cold enough to support Antarctica and arctic.

These people argue that as compared to today’s era; earth’s volcanoes were more active during and before Jurassic. The Jurassic atmosphere contained several times more CO2 than it has now. Theory of continental drift is also relatable to the high atmospheric temperature which raised the sea level and divided the land masses. Global temperature at that time was 8o-10o warmer than today and since then, history of earth shows a sustained cooling trend. This modern climate change is a brief respite from an otherwise cold cycle in the life of earth.

It is argued that 1940’s was a warmer era even though CO2 was low. They even go to length of saying that CO2 is not even a pollutant rather its decrease will result in deforestation.

They challenge the environmentalists that today when weather predictions are proving wrong on every day basis, how can we predict the climate that is spanned over hundreds of years.

No matter how convincing these arguments may sound, we can’t close our eyes to what’s happening around us. Arctic ocean is warming faster than anywhere else on Earth. By 2040, the region may have its first ice free summer. Glaciers national park at Montana has only 27 glaciers left out of 150. 25% of Australian crop production in 2007 lost due to desertification. Acidity of surface ocean water has increased by 30% as more CO2 is absorbed. Biodiversity is under threat, from penguins in Antarctica to butterflies in Spain to coral in the Great Barrier reef, species are disappearing. Humans are emitting 100 times more CO2 than volcanoes.

Whether a myth or reality. Whether a conspiracy or truth, we must stop and think before damage is done. The dame of 1000 years will take even longer to become undone, what if it is too late. Even if it is not happening like it is said, should we stop caring. Insurance is good even if likelihood of accident is low.

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