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Coca-Cola Company: the Importance of Business Communication

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The similarities that these methods have is sharing information to the Coca Cola stakeholders. They are all similar however all the methods are applied to different stakeholders. Verbal communication method most of the time is for internal stakeholders for example, this method is applied in the Annual meeting between Coca Cola shareholders where they use verbal communication to have a face to face conversation, but they could also do it like one of there competitors who do annual meeting through Multimedia Method called skype where the shareholders can communicate face to face no matter how far they are.

So, the similar thing is that verbal communication is also used in Multimedia method for example when they are advertising through advert they do speak to the customers through the adverts. Written communication also has the same purpose which is to share information to the shareholders just like web-based method. They both have the same purpose and written method is applied in the Coca Cola website to communicate their details or product information. Similarities can be the one which interact each other such as when used externally together in advertising through multimedia but written communication as a poster or when use verbal communication internally through telephone when is multi media method. Other similarity could the same purpose for example using the written a letter sent from Coca Cola externally to the suppliers could have the same purpose of using multimedia method using emails to send sent by Coca Cola to suppliers.

Differences could be that letter could cost a lot money and instead using email could be cheaper and faster communication than letters. Advertisement through posters or advert could cost but if Coca Cola uses social media it would be free cost for them and it would be faster to encage more customers because majority of the world is active daily on social media. Verbal communication doesn’t have a permanent record and instead written is a permanent record and this is always used in their sales records. Website communication can be free of cost other than managing it and it could attract more customers to buy their product and poster method ahs the same purpose to engage the customer however one is electrical method and one is non-electrical method.

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The importance of business communication cannot be overlooking. As you can see, no company can be successful without effective in-house or external communication. Effective communication can create opportunities, as its open countless doors that you might never have otherwise known existed.

Coca Cola uses all these types of communications methods, so they can share their information through their business internally or externally in an effective and best way. All these methods are used to make strategic decisions and from my prospective way Coca Cola is doing well in their strategic decisions because Coca Cola is the world’s largest beverage company and with the most widespread distribution. It owns more than 400 brands in the world which includes diet, light beverages, water, juices, energy and sports drinks. The company operates in more than200 countries. From doing these researches I came with the conclusion that the way Coca Cola encourage their customer to buy their products it’s the most any effective way of doing it and they are doing it better than any of their customers.

However, they must improve on their publicity because some of the country such as in India Coca-Cola must face the bad effect of the negative publicity. Coca Cola advertising has historically been among the most prolific in marketing history. The various ad campaigns throughout the company’s one hundred twenty-nine-year history have often had a major impact on culture and society, including a hit song which received airplay on popular radio stations in 1971. The logo and bottle designs are immediately recognizable throughout the world and are integral to the brand’s image and recognition in the marketplace (Wikipedia, 2015). In the southern U.S. the beverage is so pervasive that all soft drinks, typically referred to variously as soda, pop, or soda pop, are called Coke (McConachie, 2015).

Coca Cola has repeatedly been ranked as the number one soft drink in the world as a direct result of their aggressive advertising campaigns and was even the first soft drink consumed by astronauts in space. For example, Coca Cola web-based methods has very effective way of sharing information to their more 200 hundred stakeholders such as publishing the annual report in written method through their web site is working well. Verbal meeting is also working very well for decision making for the future of the Coca-Cola company. What could they improve from their website as that competitors also sell their product through website which is an advantage for the competitors and disadvantage for coca cola and it should try to improve it do be a head in competition.

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