Code Of Ethics In Eclectic Alchemy Solution Pty Ltd

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Eclectic Alchemy Solution Pty Ltd expects every employee to follow this set of codes, based on legislation and the values we hold. We as a company have a right to set our codes in accordance with our company brand.

Who must follow the code?

We expect all our employees and Board members to know and follow the Code. If a member of our company fails to comply with the demands set forth in our code of ethics, consequences may be put into place based on the severity of the breach of conduct. The code of ethics also applies to any volunteers, contractors and other temporarily employed members of staff to follow to code as any other member of staff may.

Customer Service

The upmost amount of integrity is expected when dealing with our customers. They need to be treated with respect and should be leaving our service with a smile on their faces. A higher standard of care is expected and should always be maintained in order for growth as a business.


Our company upholds a professional reputation that is expected to be upheld in all that you do as an employee. Our reputation is exceptionally important for our customer to hold us as their preferred operators. A certain level of integrity should be engrained in everything you do for our corporation.

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Ensure that each customer gets served and finalised as soon as possible. It is essential that customers are getting processed at a rate that is in accordance with our current reputation and is of a high standard.

Support other employees

We expect that in each working environment all employees are supportive and respectful of others in the environment. Supporting each is essential for us all to reach our full potentials. As an employee of Eclectic Alchemy Solution Pty Ltd you are called to provide your upmost standard of creativity, in a safe a secure environment.

Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying

Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying is entirely not tolerated at our institution in any form verbal, physical, or visual. If you believe you’ve been bullied or harassed by anyone at Eclectic Alchemy Solution Pty Ltd, or by an Eclectic Alchemy Solution Pty Ltd partner or vendor, we strongly encourage you to instantly report the incident to your supervisor, Human Resources or both. Similarly, supervisors and managers who learn of any such incident ought to instantly report it to Human Resources. HR will promptly and completely investigate any complaints and take applicable action.

Safe Workplace

Our workplace should be considered a violence – free one. Violence of any calibre will not be tolerated, nor will any threat of violence within the workplace.


Our certain kinds of company information, if leaked prematurely into the press or to competitors, can hurt our product launches, eliminate our competitive advantage and prove costly in other ways.

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