Cognitive Psychology and Users of Smart Home: Analytical Essay

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I. Introduction

Smart Home is a technology based smart objects of use cases that purpose humans for changing their behaviours which is related with the patterns of consumption, improving for care the health each people, decrease consumption of energy. It has to create the concept with prototype which is connected the device for smart health. The device can be made an electrocardiogram (ECG) with smartphone, tablets, etc. ECG is a graphical testing of the rhythms of hearts which the heart needs some medicine or not. EGC can investigate the symptoms like breathlessness, chest pain, abnormal rhythms of the heart, abnormal size of heart and heart attack. It needs to suppose for taking ECG with sensors which is on another device, tablets, smart watch, etc. that can connect with smartphone with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. ECG can be able to recorded and shown or accessed which are recorded in past. When the smart objects are interacted, the interaction needs at least two modes like natural user interfaces, gestures, voice, etc. There are three types of recorders for ECG which are Event recorders, Continuous full disclosure recorders and Implantable devices recorders. It has to identify and prototype the interactions which are suitable for using that device. (McQuillan, 2006)

The result of the records can be read as follows. The heart beat between 50 and 100 BPM of the uniform pattern is called Sinus Rhythm of the heart’s beat. The heart beat between 50 and 120 BPM of the irregular pattern is called Atrial Fibrillation that is the form of serious arrhythmia that is also known as irregular rhythms of the heart’s beat. The heart beat under 50 BPM is called Bradycardia which can caused by certain heart medications. If it is too low heart’s rhythm, it can make difficult in the flowing of blood to brain that can be made humans to feel weak, fainting spells, Cardiac arrest, difficult to breath, Dizziness and etc. And it needs to go to the doctor and do the right medical checkup. The heart rhythm which is over 120 BPM is called Tachycardia. It may be caused due to stress, alcohol, exercises and etc. Tachycardia is very important and it must be go to the doctor to make medications, surgery, in very important case it need to be make electrical defibrillation. (Anonymous, 2016) (Anonymous, 2016)

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II. Cognitive Psychology and Users

Cognitive Psychology is the processes of mental that is from internal study. The things like memory, thinking, problem solving, attention, learning, making decision, perception and language which goes inside brain are all of the study of young branch of cognitive psychology. Cognitive Psychology can make to understand other humans or people and processes of their thoughts. So, it can make changes to the positive behaviours. It can also help in the analyzing of the thoughts before it takes action when it understands own cognitive processes. Experimental Cognition and Reflective Cognition are the two types of the procedures of cognitive. (Hosking, 2017) (Cherry, 2019)

Experimental Cognition means that the work done which is applied with the methods of experimentally to the study of psychology. Attention, thinking, remembering and etc. which is like activities are contained in the experimental cognition. Reflective Cognition can be lead to the new and fresh ideas and creativity. Making Decision, Thinking, Comparing and etc. that are processes are included in the Reflective Cognition.

To get efficient system and increase experience of user in the designing of interactive application, cognitive Psychology is needed importantly. In the developing of the prototype of Electrocardiogram(ECG), above cognitive processes are needed to be applied. During the developing of the prototype of Electrocardiogram(ECG), among several cognitive frameworks that is for understanding, explaining and predicting the interactive design of human beings, some of these cognitive frameworks are needed to be considered.

• Important of Cognitive Psychology

In a single activity, there must be contained several processes of cognitive psychology which is dependent on each other. In the designing of prototype of Electrocardiogram(ECG) for smartphone, it is also important to include cognitive psychology processes. In the websites, after it finds some information, it needs to enter key works, perceive, read, think and try to remember it. So, some of the processes are contained by cognition. Although there are equal functions in the two websites, end user must be wanted better look designs.

• Frameworks of Cognitive Psychology in the designing of prototype

There are many frameworks in the designing of prototypes. In the relation of the Interaction Designs, five main cognitive frameworks have been come out. Among of those five cognitive frameworks, two of those are disused below.

i. Theory of Action

In this theory of action, “gulf of execution” and “gulf of evaluation” are related which is the framework that gives goal driven. Each user has their own goal which can be decided to attain and perform. Actions can be performed when responds have been received from interface. The material which is received and evaluated can construct as long as the original goal meet information that is received. Suitable records of ECG which is also the past records are shown is the main goals of the Electrocardiogram(ECG) web application.

ii. Mental Model

How the system works and uses are the main conceptual ideas of the Mental Models. Mental Model needs for getting better position for carrying out the tasks efficiently. And also it is needed for knowing what is needed to do when the system starts up.

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