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Collection Of Information For Identifying Market Environment Aspects

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Customer wants

Usage of technology helps Apple to gather important information of the customer needs and wants. Apple uses user behavior data that it gathers through using very efficient and advanced data gathering systems. However, Apple does maintain that it does not undertake any significant form of customer research. Rather according to the company the company focuses on constant innovation by observing the technological trends in the market. However, at the same time the company surveys the iphone buyers to understand the problems they currently face and the future changes in the product they would like.

Competitor threats

Samsung are currently the biggest competitors of Apple iphone. The other significant competitors are Huawei and Xiaomi. The company focuses only on those factors that the biggest of their competitors are concentrating on. The company keeps track on the most featured mobiles that are produced by Huawei, Samsung or Xiaomi. The company has a long record of evaluating the world market. Through sophisticated systems the organization finds the newest technologies that are being utilized in the entire smartphone market. This information is then used to find out the business proposition of the devices that are manufactured by the two largest competitors.

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Business Changes

Being one of the leading technology companies, Apple gets the first hand impression of the business prospects in the Technology industry. Periodically the company engages in indirect market research such as technological trends, most like mobile features, customer satisfaction changes and customer value change trends. The company gathers information through various online sources about the smartphone usage patterns of the customers. Thus, it knows exactly what the customers demand from their smartphone providers. The organization has engaged frequently in understanding consumers.

Role of the Collaborators

Apple has some significant business collaborators most of whom are the mobile network providers. AT&T, Verizon, Foxconn and similar collaborators help Apple to know more about the usage of customers and the competitor threats (CNBC 2019). The role of the collaborators in the process is primarily considering the provision of valuable market data. Moreover, collaborators like At&T who are also network service providers tell iphone about how the network usage of the subscribers can be optimized through the technology of the iphones. This results in the production of phones that work smoothly with these network providers. Moreover, there are places where they provide better networks. The value in buying iphones for the customers residing in these areas increase sales.


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