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College Education: For And Against

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Many argue that getting a higher education degree is the only possible way to be successful in today’s world. Even though this event can be a good accomplishment, it is well known that not everybody will be able to achieve such schooling due to circumstances in their lives. Most parents tend to force their children to go to college when they graduate from high school, however, parents should try to be more understanding if their children feel like school is not for them. There are still positions in the world today that can be filled without a college degree. For example, internships are available to those who would rather not pursue a college degree but would rather learn a trade. Furthermore, colleges should not be required for everyone because it is unnecessary for employees to have the same education level, other people find it easy to be really good at executing simple and technical services, and there are other very important jobs in society which do not require a higher education.

It is almost utopian of us to believe that for the best functioning society, all people must have the same higher education from a college. Each individual, throughout life, creates different intellectual and motor affinities, which are later better used in professions that use these acquired skills. Namely, there are two ways we can use our maximum capacity for ourselves and society. First, there are those of us in the world that are more connected to the intellect and cognitive work. This type of people is more likely to enjoy spending hours acquiring and reproducing new knowledge, this can lead them to having outstanding professional success, and they could play an excellent role in society as a scientist, researcher and teacher, for example. Second, there are those of us that are more connected to the manual and hard work side. This type of person tends to enjoy activities that require more physical conditioning. For example, professions like firemen, police and military, which are also very dignified, would help you to play a very important and successful role in society. Seeing that, both intelligence and hard work are important to achieve success.

Society needs employees from various categories and there are jobs available that do not require a college education and having a college degree does not help society to fill those job openings that do not need a higher education as a requirement. Jobs such a garbage collector and construction worker does not require a higher education, but jobs such as a scientist, teacher, engineer, lawyer and doctor do, and society cannot function without either. Furthermore, being in a lower or higher position of society’s pyramid does not necessarily mean that this person is succeeding or even happy in life. Sometimes, the meaning of success for a person is to earn as much money as possible each year, while for others being successful is to have simple careers and enjoy more of a family life. Consequently, this leads them to having a feeling of a genuine quality of life. Moreover, government must learn how to value all kinds of job professions by establishing norms and fair minimum wages so that employees can have quality of life, along with having a place to live, access to health care, education, leisure and healthy eating.

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However, for most people, going to college and pursuing a higher education is the only option for gaining social status and a good job that can give them financial independence. Unless you are a differentiated and an exceptionally talented person at what you do, without adequate credentials you may end up losing good job opportunities due to the lack of superior education. Also, jobs that do not require higher education should not be seen as a way of life, but as a ladder so that in the future a higher education can be chased, possibly even with the help of said business. Most of the people who do not seek a higher degree in their youth are usually sorry later in life. Furthermore, many workers end up laboring and studying at the same time in order to get better jobs and salaries. Supporters of this view claim that in today’s world, without a college degree the odds of professional success for ordinary people are limited to low-paying jobs.

On the other side of this argument, a far more important issue is that college is expensive, which means that this level of schooling is not accessible for the poorest part of the population. Even if you have the conditions to afford to go to college, you should not spend all of your savings on graduating. For example, a bachelors or even a master’s degree in a field you are dispassionate about. This scenario often ends up generating bad and frustrated professionals that are sorry about how they made the wrong choices on their educational path and wasted money and time on this pursuit. Above all this, going to college as the first and only option is definitely not advisable, nor is it the solution for all the young students who are graduating in high school because people are different; although some in fact have already known what they want to do, many instead are influenced and pressured by their parents while others prefer to start early in the job market. So, in that sense, parents should encourage their children to decide their next steps, in addition to what to do with their professional choice, which does not necessarily mean having to go to college. In contrast, they can seek post-secondary school qualification or an associate degree, which will help those young people to enter the job market faster, so that afterwards as time goes on and with work experience they can decide what kind of specialization and graduation they will want to pursue.

It is very beneficial to have professional and world experience so that they can certainly get to choose the best academic area of study to specialize in. College has its value, but there are other ways to qualify and be successful while playing your role in society in a dignified way.

As a final point, it is astute to say that whether you go straight to college or not depends on personal preferences and beliefs. Going to college should be considered as just one of the several options for career enhancement as well as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge. Different people have different time frames to make up their mind until deciding to go to college, whereas some of them find it unnecessary to go to college and still find success. Parents should never force their children to seek a career in college that does not fit their needs and personal qualities because there are so many other ways to be a productive citizen in society. In conclusion it is also important to point out that chasing money is not for everyone. For some quality of life is what will lead to their true happiness.

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