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College Students: College Involvement and Student Satisfaction

Abstract The researcher studied the correlation between the students’ level of participation on campus – which was measured based on the number of organizations students partook in – with their overall campus experience and satisfaction. The data was collected through a sample of several groups of college students, and the data output was measured through a Chi-Square test. The results indicated that there was no significance between the amount of clubs students partook in and their satisfaction. Introduction: Are Students...
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A Brief Intervention To Reduce Procrastination Among College Students

Research has revealed that the caused of procrastination are neglecting of doing particular task that has to be reminded, fear of failure and salience of the assignment. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) conceptualizes these variables as indices of psychological inflexibility and provides a new as well as encouraging strategy to therapy by developing embracement of ideas even unacceptable ones. Moreover, having the potential to adapt whenever the situation is occurred. Furthermore, to have the ability to recognize the character and...
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Financial Problems for College Students Essay

Introduction 1.1 Background – Student financial problem Financial problem is a situation where money worries are causing stress. However, college student has been facing financial problem lately and this problem had become a major problem for college student. Financial problem faced by student are known as they do not have enough money for their daily expenses, where money worries is causing them to stress. After that, financial problems will bring impact to both mental and physical health. According to Halliday...
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Causes Of Stress And Lack Of Sleep Among College Students

Health Issue High levels of stress and insufficient sleep can affect a student’s physical health, emotional well-being, and academic success. Stress and inadequate sleep are major obstacles to academic success for undergraduate students (Hales & Hales 2016). Short-term effects of sleep deprivation include decreased cognitive function, memory, performance, and attention (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2019). Minimizing stressors and supporting healthy coping strategies can help students improve overall well-being, quality of life, and academic performance while reducing the devastating consequences of excessive...
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How Sleep Impacts College Students

Although college students face many challenges throughout their time in school, one of the crucial obstacle one that they face is lack of sleep. Many of them believe that 6 hours or even less hours of sleep for the night will make them very product but in reality, it has negative impact on them. Such of the impacts that inadequate of sleep has towards the students are; waking up fatigue, having mood issue, trouble focusing in morning classes, drinking alcohol...
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Anxiety in College Students Essay

Anxiety is something that is experienced by everyone. It occurs in our everyday lives, causing us to worry and stress over the things that are happening to us. Having a busy schedule or a large workload can have considerable impacts on the amount of anxiety a person experiences. College students are expected to manage their schedules to do tasks such as meet deadlines for coursework or set aside time for studying. This study aims to observe any relations between the...
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Depression In College Students: Causes And Solutions

Colleges should offer other ways to help students with depression because their current ways have become ineffective and harmful towards them. The students in general most likely don’t feel comfortable coming to others for help with their problem. They also don’t know how to deal with depression on their own, therefore they create bad habits to help relieve stress. During all of this students start to spiral down into despair and they can’t get themselves out of it without help....
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Interests Shared By College Students: Gun Safety, Food, And Tuition

Fairleigh Dickinson University’s newspaper consists of topics college students are interested in. The newsletter includes topics on gun safety on college campus, food on college campus, and also tuition for college. Other stories from the textbook “The Norton Reader” like “Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns”, and “College Is a Waste of time and money”, also relate to these topics. My goal in this paper is to inform people on gun safety, food, and tuition...
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Eating Disorders in College Students: Problem-Solution Essay

What is an eating disorder? Is it a mental illness or is it a disease? According to the article ‘What are Eating Disorders?’ written by Ranna Parekh, she says that eating disorders are illnesses in which people experience severe disturbances, neither eating behaviors and related thoughts and emotions. Every year thousands of students are recruited to be student athletes at colleges, and every year approximately 8 million individuals suffer from eating disorders. According to ‘Psychology Applied to Modern Life’, eating...
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Gender Differences in Self-Esteem of College Students

Abstract According to previous studies, gender differences are associated with self-esteem level (e.g., Aidman & Carroll, 2003; Buswell, Hyde, Kling, &Shower, 1999; Trzesniewski, Donnellan, &Robins, 2003). But few studies have examined whether males are associated with higher self-esteem levels or lower self-esteem levels. In addition, studies that examined the relationship between self-esteem level and gender differences have not examined participants who are college students. Therefore, the researcher conducted this study to examine the relations between years in college, gender, and...
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Problem of Alcohol Use by Underage College Students

College drinking has become a serious issue especially kids who live on campus. Students regard drinking as part of the ‘college experience’ and tend to drink more when they attend college parties because feel they need to drink to have a good time. While drinking has become a part of college, colleges are making efforts to prevent it from continuing. College students have made drinking a tradition of college environment. Most college students are underage drinkers. In the article ‘National...
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First-Year Community College Students Can Be Happy Too

Nearly every human feels the need to seek happiness in the most effortless way possible. If humans find true meaning, they can tolerate more than those who do not have a reason. Having true happiness can also bring good health to one’s body. Only the person will be able to determine his or her happiness. The degree of happiness within young first-year community college students is something that can be achieved with effort. In 2018 the state of Tennessee had...
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The Causes And Effects Of Suicide In Chinese College Students

Suicide is the leading cause of deaths among all the deaths due to injuries. The World Health Organization has acknowledged that suicide behavior is a major global public health problem in every country, with approximately one million people dying from suicide each year [1]. The suicide rate of the college students in only one university in the south was 197, the rate of suicide among the college students was (1.28-2.10)/ 100,000, and the maximum value was reached in 2018 [2]....
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Predictive Analysis Of Academic Performance Of College Students Using Ensemble Stacking

Abstract One of the hottest and most popular methods in applied Machine Learning is Ensemble methods. Ensemble combines predictions from different models to generate a final prediction with better performance than any other single model. The research focused on the implementation of Ensemble method for predicting student academic performance based on their personal characteristics, family background, infrastructural environment in the college and external environment, etc…Our study uses RandomForestClassifier, Logistic Regression, and ExtraTreesClassifier as the Base Learners and AdaBoost Classifier as...
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The Financial Capabilities Among Employed College Students In Night College In Mumbai Region

One day Multidisciplinary National Conference (VISHLESHAN 2019) on ‘New Horizons in Commerce, Management , Humanities, Science and Technology- A gateway of opportunities for Innovations ‘ in collaboration with VIVA Institute of Management and Research and VIVA College with University of Mumbai. ABSTRACT The students in Night College have a day time busy schedule and want to complete their academics by attending Night College. The students have to juggle two responsibilities during the course of normal 24 hrs. This leads to...
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Essay on My Self for Students

500+ Words Essay on My Self In this essay about myself, I portray myself as an individual deeply committed to growth and self-improvement. Fueled by a tireless passion for learning and an ambition to impact my surroundings positively, I am continuously exploring new horizons. My strong communication and problem-solving skills are integral to my ability to effectively collaborate with others and navigate through challenges. Unleashing my creative side, I think outside the box, sparking original ideas and solutions. By nurturing...
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First Generation College Student Essay

Introduction As a first generation college student, I understand the importance of hard work and dedication. I am the first in my family to attend college, and I’m proud to be blazing the trail for future generations. My parents have encouraged me to take this opportunity to create a better future for myself and to set an example for my siblings. I am eager to learn and to explore new opportunities that will help me to reach my full potential....
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Essay on College Dropout and Its Main Causes

Living openly, managing your time and withstanding the thoroughness of college classes can be overwhelming. A few students prosper in this condition, while others settle on the troublesome decision to drop out. Most dropouts leave college before entering their second year, in light of something like one ground-breaking factors. Reasons for dropouts incorporates rising educational cost, extreme stress, and family issues. One of the most compelling motivations that students drop out of college is a direct result of the lack...
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Key Reasons Why a Student Drops Out of College

College is brought out to be the only way to success and to become someone important. Students go to college to increase their earnings and have career options. However, not every student manages to successfully graduate. Dropout rates rise. According to the website Think Impact, forty percent of students drop out every year. There are many reasons why a student drops out of college. One of the reasons is indecisive of major. Students take unnecessary classes that do not relate...
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Students' Access to Credit Cards

Credit card, small plastic card including a means of identification such as a signature or picture, authorizes the person named on it to charge goods or services to an account for which the cardholder is billed is periodically. Using credit card is really beneficial because you have the opportunity to effectively control your payments which is one of the best advantages of owning and using credit card. When the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act was put into practice...
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Misuse of Mobile Phones by Students and Its Impact on Their Academic Performance

In our society today, the use of technology is seen nearly everywhere and as years go on this technology continues to develop farther. Just when you think something cannot possibly be made more useful, that is when something new is developed. The advances that technology has made over the years is astounding and let’s face it, it has made life a little easier for all of us in some aspect of our lives. Mobile phones and computers are a big...
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Should Students Be Allowed to Use Cellphones in School Essay

Introduction Technologies of Information and Communication have produced important changes in almost all aspects of modern life, and education, of course, is also under pressure to take advantage of innovative resources and to prepare talent with technological capabilities for the future. It implies the introduction of changes in the learning environment and methods of teaching and learning, however, technological gadgets and especially mobile phones could generate distractions and lack of concentration in students, which could produce an underperformance of participants...
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District Strategic Diversity Plan Field Project to Diminish Achievement Gap between Black and Non-black Students

Background With an enrollment of over 13,000 students in 23 schools, Pulaski County is one of the largest districts in the state of Arkansas. Pulaski County Special School School District (PCSSD) is committed to providing each student with an excellent education. Our district’s diversity committee reviewed the district’s mission, vision and core beliefs. The committee reviewed Aspire test score data, discipline data, and absenteeism data to identify the achievement gap between black and non-black students. The largest areas of need...
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Investigation Link Between Students’ Writing Interest and Descriptive Writing Achievement : A Study at State Islamic University in Palembang

1. Introduction 1.1 Background English is like a window to the world because by English we can learn about the world and we can get more information from the world. If we want to be a knowledgeable people, English is important to be learned. According to Genc & Bada (2010) English has an important role in the world as an international language. English is increasingly recognized as, undoubtedly, the most important language to learn by the international community (p. 145)....
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Writing Experience of Students: Analysis of Creative Writing and Narrative Essays

Writing a full page of an essay is what most students dread to do in school. There are only a few people who would enjoy pouring out hundreds and thousands of words into a paper and spending a minute for it only to be criticized by their teacher or classmates. However, the education system, together with its students should learn why writing is an important part of learning, and why it should remain relevant in the time of technological progress...
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Analytical Essay on Trust among Ivy League Students and Professors to Information Found on Wikipedia: The Sample Size Effect

The Sample Size Effect is a very complicated subject to introduce into the field of psychology. The sample size effect is usually spoken of in the context of statistics. Usually meaning the number of participants, with this the larger the sample size the more likely you are to get accurate or precise results than if you have a small number. Not much research has been done with the sample size effect and psychology but Betsch and Kauffman (2009) was about...
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Impacts of Social Networking Sites among University Students in Hong Kong: Analytical Essay

1. Introduction The dramatic increase in the use of social networking sites has attracted much attention in the recent years because of the growing popularity among people, especially university students. Undoubtedly, the remarkable growth of the internet has greatly enhanced communication and interactions among people without time and geographical constraints. Such an effective communication tool has led to a higher reliance on the use of social networking sites of people nowadays, in which students usually spend several hours on social...
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Research of Underlying Factors That Causes Grade Two Students to not Master the Mathematical Skill

Description and Background to the Problem This chapter will provide an overview of previous observations and interactions that I had encountered when teaching a group of grade two students ranging from ages 7 to 8 years old at an urban school. This chapter will introduce the problem that prevailed consistently for the majority of the class when students were given an assessment task. This chapter will also state and explain a strategy that was used to eliminate students’ failure to...
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The Effects Of Online Video Games Among The Students Of AMA Computer College

Playing is important because it is how people nowadays specially youths of todays’ generation to find leisure. According to the Anthropological studies done by Gosso, playing is a way for human to learn their world and culture. Through playing, youths do not learn only future adult skill but also gender identification courage, trust among friend and cooperation (Gosso 2005). Groos and Piaget say that humans use play to prepare their adult life (Groos 1908; Piaget & Inhelder 1969). Hall also...
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NCAA Student Athletes Being Paid

As the finish of highschool approaches, some student-athletes have the choice to play a sport within the NCAA. One question they will raise themselves would be, “Is it worthwhile to play a sport in college?”, considering all the time place into the game whereas having to take care of sensible grades and receive no pay. you’ve got to be a really arduous working man to be a NCAA school contestant because it is largely a regular job going between the...
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