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Communication and Behavior in Chimpanzees

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There is no doubt that, animals can communicate. But they communicate in a different way than humans. Chimpanzees like other animals, can communicate non-verbally, they can make noises that shows how they are feeling, they don’t use words but with sounds, to show each other how the feel. Chimpanzees have their own vocal communication, using sounds to give a message or express an emotion.

Like humans the Chimpanzees associate happiness and joy with laughter, and, and whimpering or crying with sadness, Chimpanzees can also recognize each other’s voices, like we do with our family and friends. The Chimpanzees have physical contact to keep good relationships, and it helps calm each other down if feeling nervous.

Reading the six scholarly articles, readers will understand the way Chimpanzees live, think, and feel. Chimpanzees are our closest living relative, they have levels of awareness. Chimpanzees also have long-term relationships and they hurt when a love one dies. They are so smart that they can learn hundreds of different sounds and signs, Chimpanzees sometimes compete for food as in a way of just playing a game to keep them self busy. When the Chimpanzee turns about 13 months old, they have the ability to point or tap on an object with their fingers to show what they want or need. Chimpanzees have visual signals and let each other know what’s going on around them. They can change their behavior depending of what other Chimps know or don’t know.

Behaviors in some female Chimpanzees are different; the female will exchange meat for sex, and do it for a long time. Female Chimpanzees make the male think that she will have sex with him but then just walk away. “Chimpanzees differ from putative early hominins in other ways, and sexually selected they argued that Chimpanzees had inappropriate proto-hominin models” (Intergroup relations in Chimpanzees pg.362.) Chimpanzees scream different ways when the win and when they lose a fight the chimp that gets hurt the most screams loud and more intense if there is more chimps around. Another special way of communication is the touch and the gestures, when a mother Chimpanzee touches her child it’s because it’s time to move on, and when she taps the trunk of the tree she wants her little one to come down. When the Chimpanzees see each other they smile, they laugh; they hug, kiss and hug and pat each other’s back.

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The male Chimpanzee is very controlling, which makes us think that, female Chimpanzees would immigrate right after puberty, some female-female relationships were found in the adult and adolescent Chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are the most noisy primates the use different sounds when en danger, and because they are so intelligent hey understand the message that is being delivered to them.

Chimpanzees live where almost no one can see them, and even when they are separated by a short distance they communicate with others with sounds to let each other know what’s going on around them, Chimpanzees can stand and walk upright, but they can move faster in the trees, that’s where the get most of their food, and they make their nests out of leaves. Chimps usually eat fruit and plants but once in a while they will consume eggs and meat. The size of their stomachs is very much like the human. “The stomach was very human in shape” (On the structure of the Chimpanzee 1879 pg. 57.)

Chimpanzees can make and use tools; they use rocks as hammers to open nuts, and sticks to open beehives. Chimpanzees have emotions like joy, anger, grief; pleaser, their sight and taste are like the ones we have. The Chimpanzees can send messages to each other with gestures with their limbs and hands. Some of their gestures we use on an everyday way of communication as humans like when we cry it’s because we are sad.

Chimpanzees have different kind of gestures when they are hungry, or feel like they are in danger, some gestures the baby Chimpanzee might have is when they have their arms up, it means they want to be picked up, the Chimpanzees when trying to send a signal and if the recipient was not looking or paying attention, they will start moving around and getting in front to make sure they are getting the message. There are some other gestures that could mean that they are ready to fight or play like when they slap the ground or throw something at another, or even poking another very hard in the back.

Readers can clearly see how Chimpanzees are so very much like humans, the can make their own tools, they can cook, take care of their family, they communicate their feelings just like humans due, I might not be able to express in writing everything that I learned in this paper but one thing is for sure I’m very surprised to find out that we are not the only species that can communicate what we feel.

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