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Communication, Conflict Management And Workplace Antisocial Behavior

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In this paper we will discuss three strategies; communication, conflict management handling workplace antisocial behavior.

Communication in nursing comprises of a compressive understanding of a patient as a whole and listening keening to whatever they say either verbally or non-verbally based on how they feel (Digby, Williams & Lee 2016). One the most effective communication that adequately addresses nurse-patient interaction is relation based Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations Theory. This approach works best for me as it involves creating a link with patient making it easy to deeply understand their personalities. It involves four main stages, that is, (1) engaging patients in the treatment process; this is an interrogative stage where you respond to a number of patient’s queries about the medication and its effectiveness, (2) the identification stage; in this stage a patient develops trust and you become partners in the treatment process, (3) patients suggests the kind of treatment to offered to him/her based on their feelings, (4) finally the final aim of the treatment is achieved with all patient’s wishes fulfilled.

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Antisocial behaviors at the workplace occurring in the form of physical and verbal assaults, threats, coercion, intimidation, if not arrested in its primary stage, can inconvenience an organization’s operations (Brindle, Bowles & Freeman, 2019). Typically, workers engage in antisocial behavior for various reasons. Organizational competition, frustration, work urgency and specific job demands are some of the factors that heighten people’s emotions and trigger antisocial work behaviors. Supervisors at healthcare facilities always wish to ensure timely work output. Absenteeism is one of the antisocial behaviors that breach the requirement for responsibility and autonomy among healthcare workers. Responsibility is a crucial trait that healthcare practitioners must have to ensure high-quality service delivery.

Whenever conflicts occur at the nursing workplace, normal operations are greatly tampered with. It is the duty of the nurses in charge and/or the management team to come up with the most suitable conflict resolution approach (Losa Iglesias & Vallejo 2015). Conflict management and resolution is normally a very complex and delicate process. There are numerous conflict management approaches that can be used to resolve such conflicts. However, the suitability of a conflict management approach greatly depends on the nature of the conflict and the participants’ interpersonal traits. Leadership position of the conflicting parties also plays a critical role in identifying the most appropriate conflict management approach.


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