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Cussing or Profanity: Psychological Benefits in Everyday Communication

Why you should be friends with people who Cuss a lot according to psychologists: Why does using a swear word make people feel better? Is cursing a sin? Nope. It’s just a way to take out your aggression. People who curse tend to be straight shooters who don’t care about anything. Psychologists say people who curse a lot possesses some commendable qualities. They are honest, expressive and more intelligent than others. Those who are proficient in curse words are more...
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Effective Communication with Kids: Making Your Message Heard

Making your message heard You can reduce the number of power struggles that you experience by learning how to communicate effectively with your child. Here are some important tips to keep in mind: Do a sound check first. Make sure that you have your child’s undivided attention before you make a request or start issuing instructions. Barking out orders from the next room doesn’t cut it. Not only do you increase the odds that you’ll be ignored, but by communicating...
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Detailed Planning of Marketing Strategy for Stamford International University in Bangkok

Marketing Situation Analysis Stamford International University Founded in year 1995, located in urban area of Bangkok with the population of 5 Million inhabitants. Level of education in Thailand is increasing from before. Launching an MBA International and National program is brilliant and successful strategy for now days in the area like Bangkok with the majority of educated population and large number of foreign students. Marketing situation of Stamford International university based on top universities in Thailand, it ranked 84, and...
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Benefits and Difficulties in Applying Content Marketing Strategies from Organisational Perspective

Nowadays, it is difficult for companies to establish themselves as more and more businesses are emerging on the market. Especially the tourism industry and hospitality industry face constant changes and new trends (Fleischer, Peleg and Rivlin (Byk), 2011). Companies need to manage and invest in their marketing strategy. Moreover, consumers have a large selection of purchasing services and products. Customers are more interested in creating new products and services to meet their needs (Ind and Coates, 2013). Nevertheless, because of...
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Censoring Profanity in Teenage Literature: Modern Social Issues

Censorship is the suppression of anything considered objectionable, and often target topics such as sexuality, racial issues, religion, drug usage and violence. In adolescent literature, there are many novels that are challenged can be due to language usage, personal views and values, and social issues; book challenges often request schools or libraries to remove that material. This paper will discuss the issues on banning adolescent literature in middle and high school classrooms, literature on LGBTQ+ content being challenged/banned, and the...
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Importance of Medium Providing Message: Modern Methods of Communication

‘The medium is the message’ is a phrase by Marshall McLuhan. This phrase is about the way we deliver, direct and obtain information. Expanding from the phrase is the medium more important than the information itself? Is what’s been communicated less important than the way you communicate it? Is Marshall McLuhan Really saying, the message given is actually how it’s formed? Developing from these points is the information given the content itself or the form it takes? We are going...
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McLuhan's Theory of Medium and the Message: Perception of Information through Different Sources

Marshall McLuhan, known for his eccentric ideas, brought a new insight into the way media is looked at today though medium. Though McLuhan’s book ‘Understanding Media: Extensions of man’ he explored the idea of how the ‘medium is the message’. He focuses on the idea of television and radio as a medium being much more interesting than the actual message that they are trying to say. We then focus too much on the context and forget about how we get...
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Comprehensive Appraisal of Marketing Strategies of PepsiCo

Market Segmentation As we know that Pepsi is provided among a huge population which is called market. To distribute it and increasing the revenue the market should be segregated, Pepsi has segmented their market keeping four major segmentation variables in their mind which are: Geographic Demographic Psychographic Behavioral Geographic Segmentation: Geographic segmentation means dividing the market into different geographical units such as nations, regions, states, countries, cities of even neighborhood, Pepsi has put little emphasis to segment their market geographically....
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History of PepsiCo Success: From Pharmacy to Transnational Company

Introduction: In 1893, Pepsi was produced by Caleb Bradham, a pharmacist, in New Bern, North Carolina. He made it in his drugstore when he found that it gets sold very quickly. Before it was called Pepsi-Cola in 1898, he named it Brad’s drink. He started selling Pepsi at a repository instead of his dispensary in 1903. He started his own corporation “Pepsi-Cola” for years where he faced fluctuations, successes, and failures. In 1965, PepsiCo was created by integrating Frito-Lay with...
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Key Steps Necessary to Start Planning Digital Marketing Strategy

There are different digital marketing strategies since prioritizing is very important; it can get a little overwhelming when you’re trying to decide which one type of strategy to implement. Marketers looking for the ultimate digital marketing strategy need to have a, product, and demographics before choosing a digital marketing strategy that will be effective for their needs. When it comes to your digital marketing campaigns, you should avoid wasting your time by targeting the wrong demographics with your strategy, keeping...
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Profanity and Influence in Modern Music: Christian View on Secular Songs

Perhaps you have had this conversation with a close friend. Maybe you have run across this Secular vs. Sacred argument on online forums or social media. Regardless of background or context, many people have been confused by this topic and are perplexed by the lack of clear, undeniable facts. In my research, I have discovered that as there are very few actual facts to answer the question, the journey to a conclusion has been long and difficult. The sides are...
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George W Bush 9/11 Speech Rhetorical Analysis

President George W. Bush’s Public Address to the Nation on the Terrorist Attacks on 9/11 Overview and Description of the Speech After the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S, President George W. Bush publicly addressed the nation regarding the facts surrounding the attacks. The speech was a short public televised address delivered the same day from the Oval Office, in the White House in Washington, D.C. The president was addressing the U.S citizens because more than two thousand...
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Communication in Emergency Management

Com-mu-ni-ca-tion. Noun. “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior.”(Merriam Webster. 2019) Communication is vital for any organization to thrive successfully. The flow of communication starting from the sender through the message to the receiver needs to be a smooth transition to get anything accomplished. This can get complicated when we are dealing with high-stress and high-impact situations. Communication in emergency management is the glue that enables emergency responders to...
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Ways to Set up Digital Marketing and Advertising Strategy

Digital Advertising Strategy How to collect upward a highly effective electronic advertising strategy? When establishing a digital advertising strategy, the very first issue is to think carefully getting into account the specificities of the focuses on, marketplaces, items/solutions offered, etc. Many customers are usually registered in a minimum 1 local community site In 2010, a BSI (Brand name Technology Company) research showed that 81% of Western companies (12 countries) that had launched marketing communications did not have an interpersonal media...
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Use of Animated Short Movies to Enhance the Speaking Skill of the Students at Elementary Level

Abstract The aim of this research is to investigate the student’s weaker areas in spoken English and improve the speaking skills of the students through the short animated films at the elementary school level. ESL learners face many difficulties in expressing the ideas and thoughts. They lose their confidence when they are supposed to speak in the target language. Sometimes students remain silent in fear of making mistakes, and this job leads them away from learning. Animated films are great...
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Towards New Marketing Era: Social Media Marketing Adoption by SMEs

Abstract Despite the recent growth in usage and adoption of social media as a marketing tool in globally to support firm operations through offering unique opportunities, very little empirical research focuses on Small and Medium Enterprises. The study is mainly focused to identify factors affecting towards adoption of social media marketing by SMEs in Sri Lanka. In particular, it measured the impact of top management perception, ease of use, facilitating conditions, and social influence on social media marketing adoption by...
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Thucydides’ Melian Dialogue as a Compelling Case for Realism

Introduction Thucydides might be one of the most influential figures not only as a historian but also the founding father of realism through his writing, the ‘Peloponnesian War’ (Viotti and Kauppi, 1987). His book would suggest significant paradigms about realism (Keohane and Nye, 1977:42), and this has been considered as the core textbook penetrating all the time (Welch, 2003:303). Among his stories, it could be suggested that the three stages of the Melian dialogue – before the dialogue, during the...
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Teaching to Promote Listening and Speaking English as First Additional Language

it is important for every child to acquire listening and speaking skills before starting to attend their primary school stated darwissyah irwan d nunun indrasari 2019 there are many strategies and techniques that promote and encourage listening and speaking skills in the foundation phase in this assignment i will critically analyse the types of listening and speaking skills activities to promote listening and speaking skills strategies to promote listening and speaking skills techniques to promote listening and speaking skills and...
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Teachers’ Communication Skills Used to Respond to Children Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Abstract The purpose of this research is an investigation teachers’ communication strategies used in response to children’s verbal and nonverbal communication. It is important to note that communication plays a very unique role in the life of human beings. Therefore, effective communication requires a tone of voice, touch, discussion, ideas, feelings, and emotions, eye contact, body language, and so on. Verbal and nonverbal communication skills are indispensable and interrelated in the teaching and learning process. The teachers’ ability to apply...
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Society Essay: Concept of Dialogue in Mozart's Music

Mozart’s Piano Concertos represent the dynamic relationship ‘between the individual expressive voice of the soloist and the wider ‘community’ of the orchestra…both ultimately uniting in joyous unanimity’ (Till). The extent to which Mozart succeeded in achieving this ‘dialogue’, is easily determined by the way piano concertos were valued and understood by audiences of the time. Mozart’s greatest concertos, written in Vienna– offer an attractive source for investigating this topic. will be analysed. To understand how dialogue was created and gained...
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Social Media Marketing Content Research

1 Literature Review Social Media Marketing Social Media has been established as an important medium to reach an audience and researchers have written on how Social Media can be integrated with traditional marketing tools. (Bansal & Bharti, 2014) A shift in trends was detected with Social Networking Sites (SNS) emerging as a marketing tool for brands. One of the important applications discovered was how brands can facilitate the creation of online communities using SNS. Online communities provide a wealth of...
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Role of Communication in Malaria Control in Africa

In April 2000, 50 malaria-afflicted African countries signed the Abuja Declaration, and agreed to achieve the following targets by 2005: 60% of those suffering from malaria will have prompt access to appropriate and affordable treatment within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms 60% of pregnant women and children under five will sleep under insectide-treated nets or use other appropriate and affordable means of protection from malaria 60% of pregnant women at risk of malaria, especially those in their first...
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Reflective Synthesis on Communication Skills in Nursing Practice

As a future healthcare professional, Communication plays a crucial role in the personal and professional world of nursing and is a skill nurses must develop. Ineffective versus effective healthcare provider communication styles can completely change a patient’s healthcare experience. having effective communication skills is an integral part of both one’s personal and professional world as a practicing nurse. Having effective communication skills is vital in a patient’s healthcare experience. Nurses have the responsibility of being able to communicate clearly and...
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Process of Designing Interfaces and Dialogues: Analytical Essay

Designing Interfaces and dialogues To design usable interfaces and dialogues, you must answer the same who, what, when, where, and how questions used to guide the design of forms and reports. Deliverables and outcomes: The deliverable and outcome from the system interface and dialogue design is the creation of a design specification. This specification is also similar to the specification produced for form and report designs—with one exception. Recall that the design specification document discussed in Chapter 10 had three...
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Organizational Communications, Culture and Change: Importance of Communication Skills

Introduction Communication skill is an important essential skill that each human being should have to use for daily life. According from Ravelry’s policy banned Trump supporters in their business websites can affects the business two sides important for their organizations such as advantages and disadvantages from doing this policy. ravelry received credit rules executed from 2018 for writing the new policy (Catherine Shu, 2019).Bad communication skills can make people hate and love you in the same time. Which CataLink...
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Narrative Versus Dialogue: Comparative Essay

“As a narrative medium in film, dialogue is overrated”, I agree and disagree with this statement. According to film reference, “Cinematic dialogue is oral speech between fictional characters”. The source goes on to say, “This distinguishes dialogue from other types of cinematic language such as voice-over narration, internal monologue, or documentary interviews, which have different characteristics.” I will discuss narratives and compare it to the role of dialogue. To begin with, a narrative is a story. A linear narrative is...
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Marketing and Audience Development in Museums

In a recent year in the museum industry, with the increase of the operating expense, most art museums have put more effort in attracting more audiences since the admission revenue plays an important role in the total revenue of a museum. From 1990 to 2010, the cost of serving art museum audiences such as the operating and program expense was gradually increasing. According to the AAMD Statistical Surveys, the average operating budget per visit in museums has increased from $21...
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Language Autobiography: Essay on Speaking English

“Immigrants should speak English in their own homes to help prevent ‘schizophrenic’ rifts between generations of their families as almost a third of British Asian speak only their native language”. It is ironic that David Blunkett is demanding immigrants to speak English, yet in my household the language English was not allowed. Despite having a father born and raised in London and a mother who was fluent in multiple languages including English, the presence of English was not in my...
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Integration of Electronic Internet Marketing Companies

Promoting method plays a pretty vital function in whirling an enterprise into a successful manufacturer. There exists a large need in conditions of electronic marketing platforms in previous couple of decades but now with the introduction of Digital Internet marketing Companies, the dilemma has vanished as several firms are opting for digital marketing and advertising to access their viewers. A very well-reputed and qualified electronic marketing and advertising corporation takes the duty of executing marketing and advertising your small business...
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Importance of Non-verbal Communication in Everyday Life

Everyone uses nonverbal notes, nonverbal communication is the task of receiving messages without using words. Nonverbal communication is an important role in everyday life. Improving nonverbal communication can increase your ability to relate, and engage, etc. Nonverbal communication can include eye contact, tone of voice, facial expressions, posture, and gestures. There’s more to nonverbal communication than people realize. Nonverbal communication has a lot of differences. Background knowledge may affect the way they read nonverbal behaviors. Mental health influences on someone’s...
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