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Comparative Analysis of Livability in Australia and Peru

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Livability is a specific quality or factor for somebody to be able to live. Countries and cities around the entire world have factors that are suitable for people to live in more than others. Australia is one of the countries that have the most livable cities in the world such as Melbourne. Australia is most known for its natural wonders and landmarks such as the Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Another livable country is Peru which is mostly known for its reasonable pricing for houses and culture. The purpose of this essay is to conduct a comparative analysis of the living standards of the two countries.


Using the characteristic housing, it can affect a person’s life as housing can be difficult for a single person to find a home. Housing can provide people with shelter, privacy, and safety. It can influence a person’s life to able to find an area or city that has a reasonable price for them to stay. With higher housing prices and houses being overpopulated eventually, more people will soon buy more houses for their benefits which can be economically better for the economy.

Housing’s prices in Australia can range from $820000 to $920000 as housing’s prices in Peru is around $2,397 per square meter. A normal neighborhood can have up to 6000 people in Peru as in Australia around 5000 people are in a single neighborhood. Peru is ranked 47th out of 265 for housing with a price of $75000 for a large apartment. Australia, on the other hand, is ranked 252nd with the price of 2800 for a large apartment. To sum the first characteristic, housing in Australia is more expensive than housing in Peru due to the population of the country as the economy increases.


The second characteristic is education as education in livability is important for children especially. Education can influence a person’s future and job as they grow older. Having education in a certain area or place can change someone’s life as learning can impact their life positively. It can impact or fixed problems in future life where you can apply for a college or TAFE to get a degree or to get a better job. Without education, people would be clueless and jobless about what to do in the future.

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Education in Peru is poor compare to the education in Australia being 20th out of 240. The education system in Peru is low quality due to the poor buildings, learning equipment, outdated programs as well as lack of well-trained teachers as Australia’s education system there is more up to date and high standards of newer opportunities for jobs. Peru being 232nd place out of 240 in education as Peru has one of the poorest education. Summing up the second characteristic, we can say that the education system in Australia is better than in Peru, because Peru lacks the quality standards required by the school.


Having safety in countries is important for the well beings of everyone. Without safety, no one including yourself won’t be given privacy. It can impact on a person’s life for example, human trafficking is dangerous and can result in abuse or death being created. If safety becomes a real life-threatening issue, every life would be at stake making the country the least livable country to stay at leading in a decrease in the population.

In Australia, the crime rates are low with a rank of 47th as it has downgraded for the past years. Although there have 487 cases of homicides for the past 6 years, the crime rates of the country have decreased but Australia has one the highest rates of property break-ins in the world. In Peru, the crime rates are high with 77% out of 100. However, Peru has the lowest murder rates than its neighboring countries, making it much safer to visit then Bolivia and Colombia with 10 homicides per year. To sum up the third characteristic, Australia is safer than Peru due to the crime rates in Peru are slightly higher than in Australia as well as the gun laws.


To conclude this blog, characteristics of livability can affect a person’s life depending on what area the person lives in such as housing, education or safety. In my opinion, Australia and Peru are both amazing countries which their ups and downs but my recommendation on where to live is in Australia where the education, safety and housing are much more livable to be living in.

In conclusion, it should be noted that livability characteristics can affect a person’s life depending on the area in which he lives, such as housing, education or safety. In my opinion, Australia and Peru are wonderful countries that have their ups and downs, but I think life is better in Australia, where education, security and housing are much more livable.

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