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Conceptual Background and Literature Review


The term marketing is drawn from the base word called the market. The area or location or platform of the process/deal, where the buyers and sellers make a deal to exchange the products and services between them is known as the market typically.

Alternative Data Market:

Alternative data build predictive and improve investment returns by collecting, framing, packing, modeling, and also the distribution of big unstructured and structured data sources.

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Marketing Strategy:

Tuning the customer of product and services which is provided by the businesses and reaching the prospective customers by the overall business game plan is known as the marketing strategy where it contains the key brand messaging, company value, data on target customer demographics, propositions, and other high-level elements.

Comparative Analysis:

The two or more objects or ideas are compared and analyzed by the study is known as comparative analysis in general, either by choice or circumstances the different groups are opened to different treatments is observed the relationship between two or more variables which are made to determine and quantify, this process is known as a comparative analysis.

Types of Comparative Analysis are:

  • Individualizing Comparison
  • Variation Finding Comparison
  • Encompassing Comparison
  • Universalizing Comparison

The Objectives example of Comparative Analysis:

  • To know the current technologies in use.
  • To know the different strategies in use.
  • To identify the best of industry.
  • To identify the best and better.
  • To examine the bad and worse.

The steps to follow in the process of Comparative Analysis:

  • Obtaining all the basic data of the subject.
  • Gather the past data of the subject.
  • Examine the recent activities
  • Examine the similar product or service in the market.
  • Understand the micro-market trends of the subject.
  • Compare the best in the market and the subject.
  • Document the result and outcomes.
  • Implement or follow the best.

Benefits of Comparative Analysis of Market:

  • It helps in communication guiding.
  • It helps in opportunity identification in the market.
  • It estimates the status and reputation of the subject.
  • It helps in the current trend establishment.
  • It helps in determining the best promise to be made.

Advantages and disadvantages of Comparative analysis:


  • It provides strength to the subject.
  • The real and public data are used to analyze.
  • It provides a clear picture of the current status of the subject.
  • It mainly focuses on the development of the subject.
  • Disadvantages:
  • The companies and transactional comparisons are quite difficult since numbers and access to the subject are less.
  • It is not so flexible compared to other methods.
  • The data available may not be correct and preferable.

Literature Review with Research Gap:

Paper 1:

In this paper “State Of Alternative Data Market 2019 Pricing Survey Report” by BattleFin and AlternativeData.Org companies in 2018 reveals the view and trend on pricing from data providers and data buyers by comprehensive product pricing survey which allows understanding better about alt-data pricing, strategic insights into alt-data pricing structure and comprehensive glance of the alt-data landscape. The BattleFin conducted a survey that concentrated on sourcing, testing, evaluating and buying alternative data for investment companies and corporation field. AlternativeData.Org makes the simplest of different data by providing them with the newest alternative datasets, jobs, news, tools, and events. This survey brings with the conclusion of,

About 60 percent of information buyers believe datasets are overpriced and about 90 percent of information providers respondents expect the value to extend or remain identical.

The alt-data buyers had only a tiny or zero alt-data budget in 2018, in 2019 increase in the data buyers about 8.8 percent which has the capital allocated to data budgets and entering the market, the data buyers budgets increase about $1million by 2018 to 2019 by the report about 52 percent year to year increase an alt-data budget of above $1million.

The largest buyers of alt-data sets (42.03%) look at average pricing between $50K and $120K per year and the second large group of buyers looks price averaging at between $10K and $50K per year.

Paper 2:

This paper “Comparative Analysis Of Coca-Cola Company And Pepsico Research Paper” by Cuthbert in the year 2019, reveals the dominantly occupied by companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo they exhibit a high sense of brand consciousness which they have seen the increased in the area of non-collaboration and ready to drink beverages. This also gives the reference of cola wars, where other companies have come in and putting efforts to grab the market shares but these two companies never gave a chance to come into there market. It is also said that Coca-Cola is enjoying the brand reputation which has spread over the countries and PepsiCo also not deterred from making its mark where it has challenged Coco-12841451 Cola’s dominance.

Paper 3:

This paper “Comparative Analysis Of Various Network Marketing Companies Operating In Himachal Pradesh” by Kamal Kanth Vashisth, Sanjay Kumar and Swetha Thakur in the year 2019 reveals that the network marketing companies such as Amway, Vestige, FLP, and Modicare, etc analysis the diverse motives of individual choice to become a distributor by this study. In Himachal Pradesh, the paper aims to study the distributor’s attitude and perception towards direct marketing with reference to above-listed companies and also with the factor analysis reveals the reasons for buying the product. The study uses the snowball sampling. The questionnaire is used for data collection. In conclusion, the study discloses that many joined as distributors in network marketing to gain and achieve many things such as they developed their skills and earning a good income, etc. Network marketing provides a good opportunity to earn money, it is also defined that the distributors are greatly motivated by the compensation plan, business opportunity and quality of the product which is revealed by the major respondents.

Paper 4:

This paper “A Comparative Study Of Traditional Marketing And Online Marketing” by G Kanuka Raju and G Haranath in the year 2019 reveals the factors that influence and impact a customer’s attitude and perception towards online marketing and traditional marketing, that is which depending on their attitude, time, habits, and knowledge regarding technology. On conclusion of this paper, the most of the people prefer to by the product in the way of traditional marketing since the reasons are like lack of technology knowledge, poor quality of product and fraud in the delivery and other threat of online transactions which is also known that service is expected while purchasing of the product as it is denied to many products in the online purchase if this facility is provided then people may prefer the online transaction.

Paper 5:

This paper “A Study On Comparative Analysis Of Tata Consultancy Service And Infosys On The Basis Of Their Capital Market Performance” by Sujoy Dhar in the year 2017 reveals to identify the different methods which are used to judge the capital market performance of the stock for Tata Consultancy Service and Infosys, between share performance of these two companies they will be compared and contrast and to perform Economy - Industry - Company (EIC) analysis for these two companies. The data analysis is done by relevant statistical and financial techniques and models. The fundamentals are used to judge the intrinsic value of the stock and market price which determines the demand-supply. As the stock is considered to overprice as when the market price of the stock is more than the intrinsic value and price also do not reflect the value. The extent of the company able to justify its shareholders’ wealth maximization motto can be judged by the capital market performance of the company.

Paper 6:

This paper “Comparative Study Of Major Telecom Provider In India” by Ashutosh Mishra, Martyunjay Singh, Dr. Arvind Mittal, and Prof. Archana Soni in the year 2015, this paper reveals that the study of major telecom providers in India such as Barathi Airtel Limited, Vodafone India Limited, Tata communication Limited, Idea Cellular Limited, Reliance Communication Limited, and Barth Sanchar Nigam Limited, who are the major players of telecom industry who all are putting efforts to lead the industry. As a study carried on with the business indicators such as net sales, profit after tax, total income, total expenditure and level of satisfaction with the help of secondary data available on the internet and collected data analysis with the help of prowess software. As the data is available on the internet which is experimented with the age group of 15 to 35 years of old, hence for the other age groups further research can be carried out. This study concludes with the statement that Barathi Airtel Limited is the company leading the industry of telecom with respect to all the BI specified above, this study is limited to the region of Bhopal, it can also carry entire India.

Paper 7:

This paper “A Comparative Analysis On Usage Of Social Media Among Print And Electronic Media Journalists Working In The Hyderabad, Telangana State” by Anitha Kaluvoya in the year 2015, reveals that the print and electronic media journalists working in Hyderabad city tests the use of social media platform namely Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, and Whatsapp. It is also found that 1% rule of thumb of print and electronic media journalist participation in comparison. The study had utilized the analyzing tools like random sampling method by collecting the primary data from journalists of print and electronics and also the influence of the Users and Gratification Theory (UGT). This study concludes as the thought of authentic information is not provided through social media by all the respondent workers in both print and electronic mediums and also they appreciated the features of Live on social media hence by these results the print media journalists are more inactive in social media than electronic media journalists.

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