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Comparative Analysis Of Muslim Image Portrayed In Bollywood vs. Hollywood

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Hollywood and Bollywood both are included amongst the well-renowned cinema industries around the world. They are socially influential and impactful industries and is increasing with passage of time. The respective research will have a comparative analysis of Muslim negative image portrayed in Hollwood and Bollywood industries. Moreover the Islamic representation will also be analyzed especially after the 9/11 incident, how this incidence has affected the image of Muslims.

The major climax in destroying the Muslim image in other country world was after this 9/11 attack. The blame of this very attack was imposed on Muslims. This very attack was the reason for the altered image portration of Muslims in both Hollywood as well as in Bollywood cinema creations. They have highlighted the roles of Muslims to be involved in terror related attacks.

The current research comes under the 3 movies under Hollywood cinema which includes; Ali released in December 2001, the second one includes Kingdom of heaven released in May 2005 lastly the United released on April 2006. All three of them were screened after the incident of 9/11 and contains anti-Muslim image documentation particularly highlighting 9/11 afterward events.

Al-Qaida, a notorious terrorist groups supposedly attacked and hijacked 3 of passenger plane and they planned to attack the New York City’s World Trade Center along with another major building in Washington D.C i.e. pentagon. They killed many people almost everyone around. After that it was reported that the 4th plane y them was crash landed in the state of Pennsylvania fields and killing many people there also. These events lead to building negative picture of Muslims in all movies. Western and Indian cinema took benefit from these events and kept on adding salt on wounded Muslim image by depicting their worse side and showing them as terrorists in the movies. In the films usually Muslims were shown as main terror agents leading black underground world missions.

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The role of Muslims in Indian movies has drastically changed from time. From being pictured as any nawab or king they now are showed as anti-peace agents doing jihad and ruining other peoples life in the name of Islam. This changed description of Muslim in Indian cinema shows how the Muslim image has fallen.

The films, movies and documentaries on Kashmir issue were started being made in Bollywood in late eighties and nineties. That was the time when the agents fighting for the freedom of kashmir were considered as militants and were picturized in movies as terrorists and brutal in films.

The Muslim image was drastically changed more after the incidence of 26 September attacks. Muslims are now being considered as dubious people and thought to be involved in terror attacks and same is shown now in movies.

During the November of 2008 a group of ten terrorists attacked in Mumbai, India. That incident involved gun shots and bombs disposal and was carried out until 4 days. The worldwide globe wise condemn was made on this attack during which the incident happened between November 26, Wednesday to the November 29. The year was 2008. In that the death of one seventy four people occurred.

The current research has aim to analyze the cinema industry of India and Hollywood and check what influence is they are making in the image construction of Muslim. It is the motive to consider to how much extent they are involved in shaping negative picture. The Bollywood movies choosed for this purpose are Phantom which was released in August of 2015, the second one is Neerja that was released on February 2016 and the last one is Mulk released on August of 2018.

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