Comparative Analysis of the Medieval ‘Dark’ Ages and Modern Age

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The Medieval ages were also known as the ‘dark ages’ and it was known as the ‘dark age’ for thousands of years. It all began with the fall of the Roman Empire and it ended with the Renaissance. When modern people looked back at the Medieval ages, they realized that the Medieval society was completely different from the society we are in today.

When people look back and see the differences between the world of today and the Medieval ages, they come to the realization that there were so many differences but also a lot of similarities! The way the people from the world of today and Medieval ages think, and work are different from each other. These differences are found everywhere. Form religion, to art, and technology.

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Religion definitely played a big role in the Medieval ages. The Medieval life was based on religion and the people living in those ages did things to make sure they did everything they could on earth and hopefully find a better place when they are dead. The only thing that could be done to fulfill their expectations for a better afterlife was religious rituals and beliefs. Nowadays, religious roles are not to fulfill our expectations on earth for a better afterlife, it is optional for us to do these religious rituals and have these beliefs. This has become a part of people’s lives and it is keeping them away from focusing on the main points which are to find peace in the afterlife. We are no longer ruled by a certain religion and we have options to pick whichever religion we want to be. In the Medieval ages, religion was the purpose of life and they were all expected to follow the teachings of God instead. Now it is an option if we want to follow or not.

Now let’s talk about how they contrast politically. Our political structure and the Medieval ages are completely different. In the Medieval ages, people could not even think of separating religion and political systems. In the Medieval ages, people were expected to follow all the rules and the system made by the church which was the only type of power. They basically did not have a political structure. Everything they followed was strictly based on the church. For us, the government rules over the entire country instead of having a church or religion do so. The church has zero say now and it is viewed completely different from a government as two completely different things. We were also given the right to choose our own leader and to vote.

I believe that another huge difference between us and the Medieval ages was the fact that there was no history of any type of education and if there was it was only for the very wealthy people which was less than 10% of the population. In our society now, our future is based on the amount of education we receive. Education opens up doors for us and our families and determines who we are and what kind of lifestyle we will live. Instead of receiving education for being wealthy we become wealthy by having education and succeeding. In the Medieval ages, people didn’t really need education due to the fact that most people worked in agriculture and tried to produce food to survive. Our agriculture is based on technology now. Even though agriculture was really big back then we still have it around, but it has evolved, and we focus more on things like making the product cheaper instead of making it better. A great example of this is how we have GMO food now. We are still producing foods through agriculture but the foods are being messed with so we can try to make them cheaper to sell and cheaper for the community. Back then the main focus wasn’t on how cheap we would sell something but the quality of it.

Thankfully, with the amount of education, we can proceed to become more knowledgeable about humans, food, and etc. In the medieval age, people used to die because of diseases. These diseases are easily curable now due to the expansion of education and knowledge of the human body. Back in the day, we didn’t have the technology or the knowledge to treat these diseases. People also used to die due to the amount of disease that was found in the city since we didn’t really have any type of cleaning system food, feces, garbage was just thrown outside spreading bacteria and diseases.

In Medieval times, they traveled, and they also traded over long distances. In our modern world, we do the same. There are some differences like how quickly we travel now due to how advanced our technology is, but we had the same purpose. Today we also still trade. About one-fourth of total global production is exported! Nowadays trades come from a lot of different ways. Two of the main way’s trades are made are through goods which are products that are physically shipped, and through services which through tourism and financial services. The concept of trading and traveling has been the same, but we have just evolved to make trading easier and cheaper for us.

In conclusions, there were a lot of differences between our modern age and the Medieval ages. It is always good to look back and see the evolution of the past to now. Evolving from a place where trash was thrown all over the streets to a place where we have trucks passing through the streets of cities trying to clean them! Back in the day religion was the answer to everything and also the rulers of a lot of things and now we let the people decided who is going to be our new ruler and religion is only optional. I believe that a lot of the things between Medieval times and modern time is somewhat similar like the trades, but we have just evolved and by evolving we have taken these traditions with us and also made the evolve by making them more adjustable to society. This essay truly lets you know that no matter how much time goes by things will always be around the same but made better and it will evolve along with us.

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