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Comparative Analysis of the Parthenon and The Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral

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The Parthenon was built by the Ancient Greeks and is found in Athens during the pre-Christian’s times. It is preserved as a respected constructed architecture by many individuals. It is established on the application of ancient Greek mythology. It has been known that every mind composite of structures was guarded by different Gods. The intention of the building was a worship centre; thus, the assembly of the architectural construction was open and utilised to a greater degree trophy. The Parthenon is a sacred sanctuary for their Goddess, Athena, to demonstrate to the world that the Greek powers have overpowered the Persian armed force (Annereyna 2016). The building itself was known for the sign of war and appeared over the aggression it dealt with.

Anthropomorphism in Ancient Greece was achieved greatly between the Greeks (Visser n.d. cited in Unknown 2013). The idealism of the way Greeks live, details been given attention to and the complex mathematical understandings illustrated synchronisation in the world, were ideas have been set and made in Athenian’s eyes (Lee 2015). Having that, it is this idealism that helped achieve and incorporate the most impeccable proportions of the architectural building, with the use of its complicated elements and the use of anthropomorphism that enhanced the building (Lee 2015).

Some materials and techniques used onto the building to achieve the outcome were the finest marble they could possibly find, planning and execution which took a long time to complete, peristyle colonnade that joined the building altogether, post and lintel construction surrounded by columns, and lastly the Greek architecture influenced the Roman architecture and many more in the ancient times (Bunny 2018).

The Parthenon’s stylistic qualities is that it has no straight lines, its’ shape is rectangular, and the construction is elevated and prominent (Bunny 2018).

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The Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral was one of the most authentic work and marked the highest point of French Gothic architecture that was completed in the 13th century. It is situated in the Centre-Val-De-Loire area in France and was built during the post-Christians times (UNESCO n.d.). Chartres Cathedral was established on the standards of the Catholicism (Annereyna 2016). The purpose of the Cathedral was to hold assemblies formany people to gather, hence why closed windows and walls are present (Annereyna 2016). It was specifically used for Catholics to worship, gather and listen to sermons and lectures about God. The main feature that made the Cathedral stand out are the 167 stained glass windows which uses Vitreous paints (Cartwright 2018). These windows portray old testament. During the making, only five colours were used, and which were bright ruby red, sapphire blue, green, yellow, and purple. The building was based on squares which symbolised the Earth, circles consisted of three and symbolised sacred trinity, and hexagons that was a symbol of Virgin Mary (Augustyn et al. n.d.).

Anthropomorphism was used on the outside design of the cathedral as well as the music playing bells. A small engraved female anthropomorphism of philosophy in the middle bearing insight originates from God (Stones n.d.).

Materials and techniques used onto the building to achieve the outcome were that the architectural building was made out of stones, made out of skeleton frame, the rib vault, pointed arches, and flying buttress.

Its’ stylistic qualities are that it’s symmetrical, shaped as a cross with rounded apse and is covered in stained glass.

Both the Parthenon and the Chartres Cathedral were built in different centuries by different people and different places, yet they have similarities that surprises many. Both purposes of the architecture were to connect the citizens by giving them a worship centre. They have structures that are layered with patterns and designs that represent their own worshippers. Both buildings were made with delicacy and made to be the most beautiful and perfect architectures during their times. The Chartres Cathedral has many large windows to allow natural light to enter just like the Parthenon, made with wide openings. The most resemblance found in both buildings are the humongous designs that stood out the most, yet when both looked at closely, they are to be seen somewhat elevated.


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