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Compare And Contrast Of Two Different Hobbies

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A hobby is an activity that we are interested to do during our free time. This is also part of the everyday life of any person. A hobby is not a kind of occupation, but it is an activity that all of us are doing also for our pleasure. This is not an occupation because this is what we are doing when we are not working. All of us have our own hobbies that make us happy and satisfied. We are doing this for us not to be bored and at the same time, we want our time not to be wasted. The hobby consumes are free time, sometimes our energy, and of course our interest. In this essay, we will give you two different hobbies hat al of us can related to. This essay aims to explain the comparison and contrast of our two chosen hobbies which many people are doing it. These are watching television and playing any sports outside. Both of them are a good hobby and also interesting at the same time. Any of these hobbies can give benefits to us and can give us entertainment.

Watching television during our free time can be beneficial. We can be updated to what is happening around us by watching the news, we can also be entertained by watching movies or any programs, and we can also be artistic and educated by watching educational videos. This hobby is also the most convenient one. If you are in the house and wanted to have past time, you will just open the television and watch until you want. If you just want to laugh while doing it, you can easily change the channel into a comedy program or whatever you prefer to watch at a particular time. Some of the people, when they are doing watching television, they choose to watch cooking shows, 'do it yourself' videos, documentary program, or drama programs. Even if you have a short time in watching just to pass your time, you can still learn many things by watching your favorite program. Having this hobby, we can see the advantage and disadvantages of this in our daily life but still, it depends on a person's preference. Surely, there will be an advantage if a person is only watching something that can help them to be improving in their skills and artistic side, but on the other hand, if a person is watching about a sexual or pornography program, obviously there will be an expected disadvantage. Because this is so easy to access and quick to enjoy, sometimes it can make a person addicted to something that he or she watched. A hobby of watching television is for those people who prefer to just stay at home, sit and relax. Watching television is not only easy to do but it is also a cheap source of entertainment for us. No need to go outside and spend money on you just to entertain. Just sit at home, watch and eat some snacks available at your home, and you can save money. It can help us to feel not lonely, especially if you are alone in your past time. Watching may have certain benefits in our health like it makes us laugh sometimes when we watch and can also distract us from any stress. If you are a person who wants to be alone and no interest to do some sports and any activities outside, this hobby is for you. If you also don't like to consume your energy in your free time, and you just want to relax you can do this hobby of watching television.

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Another hobby is playing any sport outside. For example, playing basketball, soccer ball or football alone or with friends. One of the good benefits of this hobby is not only for enjoyment but also it helps us to be physically fit. Spending 30 minutes doing this hobby every day can make you healthy and feels energetic. If you want to use some of your time doing this with friends, you will enjoy it and at the same time, it helps you to improve socially. This hobby is for those people who prefer to do something outside and not only sitting at home. This playing outside consumed not only their time but also their physical energy. But if you are a person who likes and always interested to go outside to do something adventurous and not boring this hobby is for you. If you love to move and want to socialize with other friends in your free time, playing sports outside is one of the hobbies that you are looking for. In comparison with watching television, going outside gives more health benefits than watching and sitting only inside the house.

These two are the same as considered a hobby because we give our interest to it. Although there is a contrast between watching television and playing sports outside, both of them are the same in helping us to make our past time fruitful and not wasted. Both of them give us positive benefits, like when you watch television it can relieve you from stress and for playing sports it can make our body healthy even if we've done it in a short time. Whatever hobby we have in our free time, as long as we are satisfied, entertained, and enjoyed, your past-time will be fruitful. These two hobbies that we have given are popular hobbies that many people are doing. Even we have to spend a short time doing our hobbies, the important is we make ourselves happy.

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