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Comparison and Contrast of the CSR Policies of Sony Hong Kong and Samsung

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Nowadays technology booming, there are a lot of electrical industries active in the world. When they keep producing technology products, pollution is inevitable such as chemical pollution, air pollution or land pollution etc. Refer to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, if we do not take measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible, and control the global temperature rise to within 2 °C, there will be irreversible climate disasters around the world. At the same time, the disparity between the rich and the poor is slowly expanding. So have the electrical industries take responsibility for the environment? Have they take responsibility for society? We can find the answer to all those questions in their CSR policy. However, what is CSR? Refer to Investopedia, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) is a self-regulation business model that helps the company socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders and the public. By practicing corporate social responsibility all aspects of society need to be responsible for, for example, economic, social and environment.’ Based on this principles, this essay will compare and contrast some CSR policies of Sony Hong Kong with Samsung. A number of aspects of their policy will be included, such as community, some special program and company’s invention.

First, both Sony Hong Kong and Samsung have some programs focus on children. Sony Hong Kong organizes some creative science competitions every year to raise children’s interest in science and boost their awareness of environment protection. Also, Sony Hong Kong has a ‘Dream Builder Project’, it provided a chance to the underprivileged family children to try playing golf and bowling. On the other hand, Samsung has a program called ‘Samsung Hope For Children Program’ which is a worldwide partner charity organization. By supporting children’s education, mentorship, leadership skills and medical treatment. For example, Samsung has a children’s Museum and it will hold some cultural events for children, Samsung is also one of the holders of Korea Youth Science Olympiad and National Students Creativity Creativity Olympiad. Although they both have programs that are organized for children, we still can see that there is some difference. Such as Sony Hong Kong more focus on the creativity of children so that a creative science competition was held. But Samsung takes care of all of the aspects of children.

Other than programs for children, both Sony Hong Kong and Samsung have take responsibility for society too. In 2007, Sony Hong Kong joined the Corporate Volunteer Program from the Social Welfare Department. Some volunteer services will be assigned by the department to Sony Hong Kong and the employees from Sony Hong Kong will join. Recently, Sony Hong Kong has been 4th consecutive year celebrate the Tuen Ng festival with the elderly in the elderly home where located at Sha Tin. Samsung, unlike Sony Hong Kong, Samsung doesn’t join the Corporate Volunteer Program, but Samsung has 8 volunteer centers and every employee have tens of hours volunteering average. We can see that Samsung has worked very hard in volunteering and promoted the active participation of volunteer service in employees.

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Samsung has a special program which is Sony Hong Kong doesn’t include, which is Dog Program. There is a Samsung Guide Dog School for the blind, also it’s Korea’s first Guide Dog training school. Other than that, Samsung also builds an Assitance Dog Center and Detector Dog Center, some dogs we saw at the airport were trained by Samsung, those dogs can sniff for the drugs. Besides that, Samsung organized a Search and Rescue Dog Center which trained the dogs for Saving people from fire, earthquake or flood.

However, Sony Hong Kong also covered some aspects which are Samsung not include. Sony Hong Kong has an eco-design principle—reuse, reduce and recycle. So that Sony Hong Kong designed the package for the products with special consideration for the environmental impact of the package and product during its lifecycle. The new package is made by 50% of recycled plastic and 50% of wool so that it’s anti-water and anti-dust, and the strength of the package also increased so that the logo or information of the products can be embossed on the package rather than printing. It makes the product safer and won’t use a drop of chemical int. Differ from Samsung, Samsung still using paper and plastic to make the Package of Products. The other thing that Samsung doesn’t have is Sony Hong Kong make a new Filtering material by rice husks, it can clean air and water for the developing countries at a cheap price. We can see that Sony Hong Kong not only care about their business but also poor people.

All in all, both Sony Hong Kong and Samsung are focused on children’s education. There is some activity for children in mathematics, science, and sports respectively. Also, these two companies are active in society too, but it is slightly different. Sony Hong Kong joined a volunteer center to feedback the society differ from Samsung that it has owned some volunteer center and let their employees participate in charity. The different between Sony Hong Kong and Samsung is Sony Hong Kong designed some products to replace paper and plastic package and invent some products to help the third country. But Samsung has clear distinctions, Samsung through the dog center to help the worldwide people indirectly. Therefore I would recommend Samsung can start to develop some invention to help the third world as it is one of the three major electrical industries so it has enough technology levels and resources to help them. On the other hand, Sony is also one of the three major photo industries so I think Sony Hong Kong can hold some workshops or interest classes to develop children’s hobby not only about academics.

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