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Comparison of iOS and Android

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The phone market is currently dominated by two different operating systems, Android and Apple. Android initially released as a software in 2008 and began producing phones later that year in October. Apple was released on June 27, 2007, and had 10 million sales at the end of the year. Consumers trying to choose between Android and iOS should consider durability, security, and battery life.

To begin with, the durability of a phone should be taken into consideration since phones can range from $300 to $1000. Android phones are available on a large scale of price points, from low-end models to high-end models. On the low end, most androids are made of plastic which is cheap to manufacture and be resistance to falls and scratches. The high-end androids use more expensive materials such as fiberglass and aluminum. Most of the newer high-end androids are mainly all glass because you can’t use a wireless charger with metal. Similarly, iPhones are for the most part glass which are prone to shattering and scratches. Although both high-end androids and iOS phones use glass, androids’ glass is more durable and scratch-resistant.

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Furthermore, the safety of personal information is a concern for consumers. Majority of the people now use their phones for banking, communicating, and purchasing things online. People should be aware that any information stored on the phone such as credit cards and images can be hacked and can be shared online without permission. Both Android and iOS have two different ways they approach hackers from taking their personal information. Apple’s iPhones are well-known for their security since their iOS has a closed system. Apple doesn’t release its source code to app developers meanwhile android is the complete opposite. Android is more common to being hacked compared to iOS due to its open system. Having an operating system will lack safety, but allow the user to customize their phone more than iOS. For example, androids are able to download free application from random websites and able to customize their phone accessibility.

Lastly, nobody likes having to charge their phones constantly. As technology improves so does battery life in cell phones. Back in 2009, when the iPhone released their first phone the 3G, it had the battery size of 1,200 mAh (milliamp-hour). The battery was able to last five hours browsing the Internet with 3G and seven hours watching videos at a low resolution. Now the latest newest iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 3,969 mAh, which is more than 3x the battery size of the first iPhone. That can last 10 hours of watching a video on full brightness at 1080hp and the phone recharges fully in less than an hour and a half. On the other hand, androids have bigger battery sizes in their phones for half the price of an iPhone 11 Pro Max and faster charges. For example, the OnePlus 7T has a battery size of 3,800 mAh and charges from zero to 100% in 70 minutes.

In conclusion, each operating system offers its own benefits. The customer’s choice comes down to his personal needs. If someone wants a phone that’s really durable and has long battery life, Android is the way to go. Or, if one prefers a phone that has a more premium look, higher level of security and a better customer experience, then Apple is the choice.


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