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Competition as an Effect on Society

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Competition is becoming the daily routine of every person. At every situation people has to suffer through competition because of the fast pace life style people has been adopted these days. People have to compete at work, in family, in schools and in society. Winning and losing are parts of competition. Competition has changed the perspective of viewing a task. People do so hard to be the best among all. Competition has great influence on society in different sectors like education, business, production and many more. It helps people to be more creative and be a critical thinker, these qualities are more admirable then being common thinker. So, Competition is helping society to develop and grow. Despite the fact that business is being corrupt to meet the competition level, competition has been affecting society in positive way, because it has raised the education standard and it helped in enhancing productivity and quality of the product.

Education standard has been raised because of competition. As the education level has been improved, the society is also being developing. Through the competition in education system it becomes easier to choose the deserving person for the right positions, which results in growth of society in different sectors. Walsh said, “grades reflect higher school or peer quality, or could strategically value higher grades for college admissions” (Walsh, 2010, p. 3). In his report he explained how the inflation in grades in educational system influence the competition among the students. Inflation in grades directly linked with the competition toughness. Students and colleagues compete with their competitors in order to gain higher scores or positions in their fields. In this whole process society is benefited indirectly because with the increase in competition among them, society has many best options for different roles to be perform. According to the requirements society, schools, and colleges could choose best fit for those roles. Not only this also through competition there is another benefit to the nation at biggest level is that with this there is constant increment in literacy rate. To get the better jobs people start going to get higher education, with this the literacy rate of countries start rising which also contributes to the make countries develop. Competition has been toughening up through some measures which calculates the ability of the candidate. Walsh also mentioned that “first measure, the “grade cutoffs”, captures interventions in the mapping of a score onto a letter grade, and is reported by principals at the school level. The second measure, the “assigned grade”, captures the total output of the entire grading process and is given by the student’s high-school GPA” (Walsh, 2010, p. 4). Education is not only a platform where competition has been made, Business is also one of other sector where competition could be clearly.

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Competition has increased the market productivity and the quality of the product. Competition as like in education sector also profited the business sector in some other ways. As with the increase in productivity of products the market of production will gain profit. A nation with more productivity with gain more gain more profit in comparison to other countries which would help to boost up the economy of the country. Ambashi describes “The first idea is that the more competitive markets generate a higher pressure to survive, or that firms exposed to fierce market competition are forced to improve their productivity” (Ambashi, 2017, p.215). Competition in market influence the seller and producer to produce the product of better quality. With the better quality of products, it will help society in two different ways. First people would like to buy the better-quality product which would help the market to grow in comparison to other and will help to improve the economic condition of the country. Secondly, if people would consume a better-quality food product, it will automatically improve their health condition. People with health could create a better society. Competition among marketers not only help the produce market to expand but also leads to a healthy nation. Moreover, competition helps in learning new skills to survive in the business market. “there is much to learn from competitors”(Mccormick,2016). it clearly states that watching others strategy for learning from that strategies help the businessmen to improve their products and helps them to make good reputation in the marketplace. There is nothing wrong in adapting other’s ideas into your business plan if it is helping businessmen in boosting up their business growth. But this competition among the business men leads to some unethical activities and maybe kind of stress. losing and winning are both important parts of our life. People do not learn much by winning but losing teaches us the most important lessons in life. So people who lose in the competition should take it positively and learn from the experience they gain. Based on these learnings they should try to improve themselves. Therefore , competition is providing great opportunities for learning.

Competition creates the disturbance in business through unethical attempts. As some of the people in this competitive world try to do their business without investing much. They want more profit with small investment, in order to achieve that some people try to sell products at market prices for the similar products which is not worth because of its poor quality. To save some money few business men reduce the quality of the product and sell it at same price to gain more profit. Victor said “increased competition leads firms to provide an illegal form of quality to attract and retain customers.” (Victor, 2013, p.1738). Illegal form of quality refers to not acceptable condition or quality of product which could cause harm to the human or to the nature. Even the cars are not completely inspected which is a government law. So that the pollution and emission of dangers gases could be reduced but people for their own benefit passing the vehicles without going through proper inspection process. Government had enforced some laws against those business runners. But enforcing laws is not sufficient, it should be implemented properly and charges should be strict and penalty must be in big amount so that people would commit such illegal activities.

To conclude, Competition is really a great thing. Competitive spirit make a person more independent. Competition is effecting society in positive manner instead of negative way. It does have some negative point too but it totally depends upon people how they are taking competition in their personal life. Many people taking competition as fear of losing something tgat takes away the competition spirit from them. However, Many people realise their potential only after competing.Healthy competition is important at all the places. The feeling of competition helps in bringing the best out of the people and promotes growth. Without competition things become boring and monotonous. However, jobs that are very critical like that of a doctor or medical practitioner should not have any competition as it’s involves saving lives of people. Any competition in such cases could pose a great risk to someone’s life. In nutshell, competition helps in getting persuasive results.

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