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Computer Hacking as a Real Problem of the 21st Century

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Hacking is a complex way of interfering with someone’s computer. It is used by many criminals and it can be used for good as well. Hacking is identifying weakness in computer systems or networks to gain access. Computers are a huge impact in a business and is mandatory to run a successful company. To have that computer benefit for their business, it must have external communications with other businesses. This exposes them to the outside world and hacking.

Hacking is a big deal in our society. It has created hackers to attack the social network system. There is three of several damages that can be done, such as computer hacking would endanger personal life, affect companies, or large money-making businesses, and affect society and government. There are many types of hacking and people breaking into security and personal places without permission but how were they able to get there?

Figuring out personal details on a hacker is difficult. What makes it difficult is how high this hacktivist group is. Anonymous is a decentralized international hacktivist group that is widely known for its various DDOS cyberattacks against several governments. DDOS is a cyberattack that hackers used to flood your computer with fake users so that it overheats, and you cannot use the computer for much time because it has timed out and could not handle the users that were being infiltrated to the computer. Originated in 2003 on 4chan. Anonymous members can be distinguished in public by wearing the ‘Guy Fawkes’ masks which is called the anonymous mask as well, it distinguishes that they are yet person. “Hackers claiming affiliation with anonymous, or loosely organized group of hackers shut down websites containing child pornography and publicly released usernames released usernames for the websites”. Hacktivists can benefit our government and leak information for us from other countries but we still must remain cautious about them.

When a regular person thinks of a virus, they think of an obvious advertisement link that they can tell it is a virus, but it’s more complex than just that. When you click on a virus, it can retrieve and read sensitive information contained in an email, they can also hijack an email account to send and receive messages. They usually have documents attached to them in which you click it and it delivers malicious codes. “Viruses are small programs embedded in fries. Once a file is infected the virus can execute its function”. Antiviruses are applications that people pay for either annually or monthly for that specific application to protect that specific computer from getting hacked into or any virus trying to bypass its security. Many people in businesses use this method so that the company does not get disturbed through work, but experienced hackers can still be able to get through that type of security. Viruses can lead to you severely damaging your computer, and many software companies recommend that you buy an antivirus application to protect your computer and increase your security.

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Cyber security is an important topic ensuring the safety of your computer. The vast majority of computers connected to the Internet are IBM compatible as are the few operating systems that control their function. Connecting through a wireless connection can potentially endanger you from getting hacked. “Wireless networks carry other security risks, as a rogue computer does not need to be physically connected to a network drop in order to acquire information”. Usernames and passwords are another important and vulnerable aspect of a computer network. Remembering a username and password that a specific person has created is important, computers are stored with information about passwords and usernames that only the owner of the computer should know.

Fraud is a way why people lose millions of dollars in which it contains lies and other false information. Many people lose money by lying or getting ‘scammed’ which is losing something as a result of an inaccurate or fraudulent claim. “That strategy could go beyond simple retaliation. As president Donald Trump might be able to empty his reputed deal making skills”. The president has to convince Russia from hacking U.S. government because of the situation going on between the election where there was supposedly a miscount leading to an excuse that it was unfair that Donald Trump and that Russia was a part of the situation. Fraud is a continuous problem between the U. S and Russia it has been back and forth ever since the accusation in the election.

Cybercrime is a traditional crime committed through a modern medium. This has been a huge complaint towards big businesses because since the business are mainly worked through computers and transfer a lot of their money online it is much easier for the hacker to interfere and retrieve some of that currency. This then makes the business lose money and go out of business. There are some who look upon these things as nothing, but a traditional crime committed through a modern medium, called cyberspace.

“It is a crime flowing either from an unlawful attack on computer systems or one committed with the assistance of such systems”. There are about eleven varieties of computer-rebel crimes. They have begun the first cybercrime law in the mid-1980s it regulates electronic commerce, with also penalties.

In conclusion, though not all people are victims to cybercrimes, they are still at risk. Crimes by computers vary, and they don’t always occur behind the computer, but they executed it by computer. The hackers’ identity is ranged between twelve years young to sixty-seven years old. The hacker could live three continents away from its victim, and they wouldn’t even know they were being hacked until it has already been fully surpassed by that specific hacker. Crimes done behind the computer are the 21st century problem. With the technology increasing, criminals don’t have to rob banks, nor do they have to be outside in order to commit any crime. They have everything they need on their lap. Their weapons aren’t guns anymore; they attack with the mouse cursors and passwords.

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