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Hacking is a complex way of interfering with someone's computer. It is used by many criminals and it can be used for good as well. Hacking is identifying weakness in computer systems or networks to gain access. Computers are a huge impact in a business and is mandatory to run a successful company. To have that computer benefit for their business, it must have external communications with other businesses. This exposes them to the outside world and hacking. Hacking is...
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Did you know that in 2018, the total cost of cybercrime amounted to 1 trillion US dollars? In this digital age, almost everyone relies on some form of technology to store information. From social media accounts, bank accounts, to confidential government projects, there are countless pieces of information stored in computer systems, most of which users wish to conceal from the public. As a result, just hearing the word ‘hacking’ might lead you to think of devastating cybercrimes. While it...
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We are currently at war. We’ve been at war for many years, whether it’s battling a civil war or sending out resources to our allies’ wars. Every day, many brave soldiers are out there, fighting to prevent horrors from happening in the world, but we also have people fighting from the home front. By subtly hacking enemy databases, leaking classified information or taking down online threats, these cyber vigilantes help our soldiers in their own way. Though their hard work...
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Black hat hackers Keeping your technology and devices safe is a big deal in today’s world. Yet, there are still people who want to take away your information and cause damage. People who do this is known as black hat hacker. Their initiatives are to steal information, cause damage and compromise privacy (west). They can end up taking your information and making it public or even selling it to others in person or over the dark web. What tactics do...
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Hacking usually refers to intrusion into a computer or network, which is not always legal. The person doing the hacking is identified as a hacker. These attackers can modify software and security features to achieve a goal that is different from the system's true purpose. Hacking can be verified by non-malicious operations, usually associated with unusual or unauthorized devices and machine settings. Hackers use a variety of hacking methods, including: 1) vulnerability scanner (checks network computers for known weaknesses); 2)...
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Various people today have different views about the hacking scene. People of similar skill level often have similar opinions. There is no official definition of a hacker among the masses but rather a vague idea. Moreover, the media loves to attach false information to attract the attention of audiences around the country, for the sake of pure money. It all started at MIT in the 1960s, the root of the word ‘hacker’, where highly talented individuals in FORTRAN and other...
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Introduction Computers are electronics devices invented by humans for the convenience and welfare of themselves but does not involve any thought process internally on ethical behaviours. With Computer science and technology playing such a central role in every aspect of modern life, the question of appropriate ethical principles and standards for computer professionals has become increasingly vital (Henderson, 2017). This report discusses the understandings, concerns and examples of Computer ethics. It further illustrates a structured view of ethical implications on...
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