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Computer Versus Books: What Deserves More Attention

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Computers or books? What deserves more attention? What is more important in our lives? I am genuinely surprised by the people who are still trying to choose something better for these two essential things, more importantly. I do not understand how one can choose between the two most reputable sources of information of all time. Therefore, I believe that both the book and the computer in the near future will not surrender their positions and will occupy equally important places in the lives of each of us.

Firstly, the book has always remained a faithful companion for an intelligent, educated person. The interesting thing is that printed material in this form often plays the role of a good friend who not only broadens your outlook but can also entertain on a cold winter evening or even save you from unwanted loneliness. Apparently, someone will disagree with me, but the book can still change lives. Of course, it does not turn it upside down, but, usually, at the right moment in the hands of the right person, contributes to its development and inevitable rapid improvement. That is why even today, the old, immortal wisdom is still popular: ‘The book is the source of life.’

A striking example that successfully illustrates the above argument is the events depicted in one Ukrainian novel that I have been reading since high school, where the question of the role of the book in human life has been partially addressed. The little boy was born lame, and all his childhood he was very ill. Therefore, his father’s attention was a little deprived. The king (his father) did not want to help him study military affairs, to take hikes with him. Therefore, the only pleasure for the guy was reading books. This respect and love for books changed the guy, the long hours spent on the books yielded results. After receiving this colossal luggage of knowledge, this boy became the most enlightened man in his family and then in the whole country. After all, he was able to occupy the throne shortly after his father’s death. Also because of his readability and wisdom people always called him by his name and added the word ‘smart’.

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Secondly, another equally important source of information – a modern personal computer cannot be ignored. This device is in every home, office, store, even the classroom. This multi-operation system allows us to find, distribute, analyze, create, edit and just get the information we need, without having to even leave our own home. Therefore, the role of this miracle invention cannot be overestimated at the present stage of society.

For example, I never imagine my life without a computer. I admire its versatility and uniqueness. With this device, I can develop, not what anyone thinks, to degrade. Already in my last year of high school, I realized that the computer, and the Internet in particular, is a reliable and indispensable assistant in exam preparation. It is thanks to them that my training has become more effective and efficient.

So, you should not try to compare the incomparable and choose the best, because no one has yet succeeded. It should be remembered that the book and the computer will always remain the main sources of information, which not only peacefully co-exist but also complement each other successfully.

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