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In a baffling Today Show monologue prior to the 2016 Australian federal election, television personality Lisa Wilkinson went on an outright tirade against opposition leader Bill Shorten, slamming him for the apparent sexist comments he made about the role of women in childcare decisions. Twisting his words, Wilkinson accused Shorten of being sexist by implying that he “confirmed the outdated belief that women take care of all things regarding looking after the kids”. This perverse interpretation of his words to...
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Freedom is a basic human right which means all of us deserving but it is not a sheer right. Simply put, it has to be limited in order to protect the legitimate purpose behind it. Then, what is the principle of the purpose? It is regarding others: the human right of us. To illustrate, you cannot spread the harmful information which leading to society being unstable. In 2003, the age of SARS in Hong Kong, there was a piece of...
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What is your idea of human freedom? Do you understand it as independent of ecological context? My idea of freedom does not relate to the ecological context, at least not in this moment. This is because of what shaped me as a person, and the experiences that I have had. I believe that freedom is inherently personal, as an idea. It is not something that can be shared – no two people would have the exact same notion of what...
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The concept of freedom is an abstract one that is only realized when a person sets it into motion. In What is Freedom, Hannah Arendt challenges the widespread belief that liberty extends from the freedom of thought and will. Arendt emphasizes that actions performed unhinged from consequences are true bouts of freedom. What is Freedom dispels the accustomed definition found in government, textbooks, and marketplace and replaces it with freedom as a gateway of creativity and boundlessness. The common sense...
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The issue that I have decided to write about is the freedom of the Slaves. The slaves acquired freedom at different intervals through out their captivity. Some slaves acquired freedom early in the height of the slave trade at the end of there indentured servitude. Other slaves found freedom through running away with the assistance of the Underground Railroad. Many slaves found their only chance for freedom through suicide, while others revolted, and some even poisoned their masters. Freedom also...
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America is the freest nation in the world. A lot of people dream of getting into this country and have the same opportunities that Americans have. In other words, opportunities mean freedom, freedom of choice. The concept of freedom, as the right of choice, originated in ancient Greece, it has played a fundamental role in the development of people over the past few thousand years. It was gradually transforming each person from a passive object of biological evolution into an...
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The year is 1963. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators congregate at the steps of the Washington Monument to advocate for Black rights, both civil and economic. The year is 2014. Hundreds of activists participate in a protest in Ferguson, Missouri to call attention to the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer. Both of these marches were peaceful and nonviolent, but the former is venerated while the latter is condemned. The narrative of diversity has in the past shaped...
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There is no one answer to how modern freedom is defined within political philosophy. In a free country with a modern democracy, political freedom could be defined as justice and fairness. Rawls and Nozick both present a version of negative liberty but offer different views of what freedom is. Both of these two philosophers envision a different role for government on how to enforce and protect their version of freedom. There are two types of liberty; positive and negative. Positive...
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The concept of freedom is not a skill to be learned, practiced or improved upon. Nor could it be utilized or withheld upon volition. It is only optional either in its existence or in its exercise. It can either be increased or diminished by wish or labor. The idea of being free begins when we are (what we believe to be) conscious of how we limit ourselves and our destinies to any of the confines of the presumed fate that...
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Dystopian Literature question the potential power that language has in both Atwood ‘HMT’ and Orwell’s ‘1984’, where it presents the need to use language as a form of identity, gaining knowledge and its various uses in expressions. ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ presents the loss of individualism by the handmaids' patronymic names. Atwood deliberately uses preposition before the name of the commander in charge “Offred” to create a new identity so that they can fulfil the new function in the forceful regime....
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