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Concepts of Bulls, Bullfighters and Death in The Sun Also Rises: Analytical Essay

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Fiesta de San Fermin, a historically rooted, a week-long festival celebrated annually in Spain, includes encierro or bull running and corrida or bullfighting. Hemingway systematically explores the art of bullfighting, developed a passion for it, and is described by aficionados as a master on the subject. He praised the lives of the bullfighters during his lifetime as full of adventures on the contrary of the simple and static lives of the common people. But events of injury and death omnipresent in this sport, both to the participants and the animals pushed into it. Hemingway’s novel Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises elevated Pamplona’s fiesta of San Fermin from the local level to the status of international recognition. He considered bullfighting analogous to the writers’ search for meaning and the essence of life, finding in it the elemental nature of life and death. So, my motive in this study is to analyze Hemingway’s views regarding bullfighting as well as the cruelty to animals and the death instinct of man that has to do with the hero concept and its habitual experience for facing death. The objective of my study is to show the relationship between the death instinct of man and the concept of a hero.

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The novel, Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises caught international attention and at the same time immortalized the festival in the eyes of the tourists. Proponents of San Fermin argue in favor of antique tradition of Spanish culture and the resultant status of the event as the country’s second most popular spectator. But the treatment of the animals during this fiesta cannot spare widespread criticism. Protestors complain the bulls are scared and traumatized prior and during the run. The large crowds, cacophony and the fireworks of the fiesta, they often make them fall, break bones and horns trying to escape, doing the same with the runners. In the bullfight too that occur each evening the animals are suffered to death or certainly killed. In recent times mounting opposition to the sport in Spain led Catalonia ban bullfighting, and the country’s state broadcaster TVE also stopped showing it to “protect children from seeing violence”. Thousands of people risk their lives each year at the running of the bulls with dozens of people injured every year and some losing their lives. Though Hemingway recognized the magnificence of bullfighting, compared the bullring with the stage of tragedy and provided a deeper contemplation on the nature of fear and courage through many of his works, bullfighting always means death for the bull. It also sometimes means death for the matador otherwise a grave injury, but a good and experienced matador must go to the very edge of death every time he enters the ring to poke the heed of the audience. There is a concept that a matador must actually enjoy killing so that the spectators must be able to derive an emotional kick from the operation. But ‘Tauromaquia’, a latest documentary set the angle of viewing bullfights from the bull’s point of view, including the animal terror, trembling, feces and all other stances of humiliation and tortured experiences. Thus, though the San Fermin fiesta’s fame grew with Ernest Hemingway’s novel Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises and still attracts thousands of foreign tourists every year, bullfighting of Spain and many other countries (for example South Indian famous Jallikattu during Pongal festival) has come under critical eye lately from animal rights activists who condemned the sport as cruel and dangerous.

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