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Concepts of Sociological Imagination and Social Inequality and Their Vital Role in Human Life

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Sociology is basically the development of human structure and this society. In order to make the society a better place we study the theories and concepts of sociology so that we can learn what this world demands from us and what we are actually giving to it.

There are a lot of sociology theories which we can apply to our daily life to reflect the positive results from it. Sociology emerged in the context of the sweeping changes that the Industrial Revolution brought to Europe. Two other factors operating at the time also encouraged the development of sociology. Every person has to learn these theories so that he would have enough knowledge about the social issues and he can select between right and wrong about it. “The investigations show how, under the apparent repetition of using objects, the ordinary hides a diversity of contexts, situations and also interests that reflect how people insert themselves into social positions” (De Certeau et al., 1998: 251–6). Following are two sociology concepts which can affect our work, home, and community life and influence our future learning opportunities.

Sociological imagination

C. Wright Mills, who created the concept and wrote a book about it, defined the sociological imagination as ‘the vivid awareness of the relationship between experience and the wider society’. It is a way to critically think about something or ourselves so we can modify our actions in the right way.

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In our work or home when we try to see and observe something deeply we develop a better understanding about it. And if you develop a better understanding you can make a better decision. Some people may think of a handful of external influences as having a direct impact on their lives – religion, family, or perhaps the media – but they do not always see complex interactions between different social forces. Sociological imagination develops that relationship between our minds and the society and provides us a better view of it by acting as a helping lens.

Social Inequality

Social inequality refers to the concepts of being superior of inferior to each other by means of status, fame, economy or intellect. It is causing a difference among the people and also increasing the internal hatred for each other. Discrimination in the legislation for people of different statuses also establishes social inequality. In our work, home and daily routine life we witness hundreds of cases of social inequality and the theory of sociology helps us understanding it. When we understand this theory we try to abolish the inequality among different people of the society just because of their physical appearance, culture, modernity and many other factors. Sociology inequality helps us in being tolerate and listening to the perspectives of other people rather than just hearing it. And in this way it increases the peace of the society and spreads love and respect in people for each other.


Hence, sociology concepts and theories not only positively influence thousands of people but also play a vital role in a man’s life, work or home. These theories broads the point of view of a person he becomes ready to accept anything in life and this behavior becomes the cause of their success.


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