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Concerns about Love: Bioethics, Death, and Artificial Intelligence

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Love has a variety of meaning it depends on the person on how he or she understands it. However, for Judith Butler saying “I love you” is a cliché and she is dissecting the actual sentence, for her the thought of commitment through marriage or any symbolism is a senseless matter. She concludes that because she believes that circumstances change so as well as the people. Hence, to be able to give a commitment to someone or something you should commit to yourself first, again and again, you need to accept and embrace the changes first in order to know their true meaning of it. People change through time that’s why we should continuously renew our promises and commitments even though there is no symbolism. The concern of bioethics is in the field of medicines, it tackles what is wrong and right in process of making medicines and also, what we should consider in doing operations in prolonging lives. Bioethics will also teach us what is the right usage of health care in the life of one another because the effect of it may be beneficial or risky in our lives. On the other hand, bioethics is essential in our world because it is one of the factors that can tell if we are still doing things morally good or not. Moreover. Death is the end point of one’s life, many people are afraid of death but life is like a rope that has two points, the one is the starting point which is birth and the second one is the endpoint, or basically death. The body has its spirit and soul, when we say soul it is the one who gives us emotions while we are alive, while the spirit is present when the body is dead whereas the brain will stop functioning and the heart will stop beating. Death is just a natural happening in our life. Lastly, Artificial Intelligence is prominent in our time, people are getting creative and innovative. A lot of inventions has been made and a variety of innovation is done that’s why this society is getting dynamic as well as the people.

Bioethics is the area of biological research and medical applications whereas it is bounded by ethical aspects. The application of biological research should be a line with moral standards and the application of medicine in one’s life must be ethical. Bioethics is more likely deals with the disciplines of the usage and application of science in our life and body. This ethical concept helps us to make our body system better, prolong the life that is dying, improve our life, and many more. In a life of an immortal, there are chances that we have complications in our body system that sometimes make our life shorter. Viruses, cancer, and a lot of body complications make our life harder if our bodies suffered from severe illness, and as a person, if you have a commitment to other people or in this world you are going to do everything to fight for your life, you are going to try the different test and medical procedure just to take away the disease that may take away your life. A person is dedicated to doing everything just to live especially if her/ his purpose is to be with his/her loved ones, even if he/she sacrifice all of his wealth, commitment is one of the reasons why human keep on choosing to live when love is the main reason nothing is impossible.

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Death leaves us with pain that no one can heal, but death is also the beginning of endless love. This deathless love that human beings continue to feel for the ones they’ve lost. A lot of people are frightened when death is near but how does death function in our life, It served as the realization point where people realize the importance of the person. Always remember that the people you love will never die, they don’t die completely. They live in your mind and you are the reason why their light is still burning not physically. People have different shoes to walk, you choose the path you want. Don’t let death end the memories and experience you gain always keep the fire burning, it will be always inside you, the missing piece of the puzzle that will complete who you are.

The presence of commitment is true if a certain person is willing to render it to someone or to something regardless if there is marriage or anything that symbolizes commitment. In connection with that, human beings can develop love towards an artificial intelligence because artificial intelligence is most likely like humans, they are fixed to act, behave and analyze like humans, at the same time humans have a universal mental process that we called anthropomorphizing or attributing human characteristics like emotions and intent to a non-human entity. This kind of behavior is linked to psychological issues such as anxious attachment.

Overall, the use of artificial intelligence is a concept that is related to human, this concept is more likely to have the assets that human has, it tends to analyze and behave like humans they can respond to problems that humans are facing. For some reason, people worry about the ethics of machines and how they will identify the rightness and wrongness of such a thing, we worry about the machine’s lack of empathy. Machines and technologies are not the basis of making medical decisions, it helps people to boost confidence and how they will treat the patient itself. The help of Artificial Intelligence in bioethics is that they can predict the patient’s health status but they can’t predict when will be the person’s death. No one can stop death, all people have their end not now but someday. Artificial Intelligence is a way to help people have longer life not all people are lucky to reach a hundred age some people died at a young age due to incurable diseases some died due to accidents. The important thing here is how we value the life that we borrowed, and how we make the greatest story of our life. Keep in mind that live life to the fullest and do all the things you wanted to, “You Only Live Ones”.

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