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Conduct And Code Of Ethics in Education

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Today, students seek higher education and attend facilities as liberal arts colleges, private sectors, and public universities. These educational institutions have designed, and created performance benchmarks as a resourceful guide, to inform students, educators, and personnel on the order of regulations, policies, and procedures. At Saint Leo University their educational mission supports and facilitates opportunities for students, personal, and educators to understand the operational structure values. The University vision is focused on educating students and offering all equality, and the means to achieve higher education and tools to attain their goals while recognizing the importance of value and how it contributes to personal and professional aspects in life(Saint Leo, 2019)

Saint Leo University of ”Code of Conduct”, is used to instruct students what is required as applicable actions, and is designed exhibiting six core values. These values are tools of empowerment that offers knowledge to meet students needs. The concept of incorporating six values is too also, unify the college community and the students who are enrolled on campus or who take online courses. The internal framework is a model with a set of core values that pertain to ” excellence, respect, responsibility, stewardship, personal development, community, and integrity”(Saint Leo, 2019). At this university students are held to the highest standard when it comes to academics. All are responsible to abide by the academic honor code and should reframe from performing academic misconduct, plagiarism, or cheating.

Unfortunately, as part of the educational system, students and teachers deal on daily bases, barriers that pertain to unethical behaviors. Ethics are standards that pertain to right and wrong conduct performed by students. Saint Leo University’s, code of ethics manages common ethical issues that arise concerning disciplinary actions, such lying, taking credit for another colleagues’ work, and the use of improperly citing researched information. Incorporated within the educational framework is the zero tolerance policy that is used for aggressive, anti-social, and behavioral issues towards bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and carrying a firearm on campus. Ethical and Development professionals responsible for identifying personal needs and design a training program that will comply with employees needs. As part of the job, this profession requires interviewing new employees, overseeing training, evaluation of progression, and teamwork in group settings.

Today, Human Resources have been incorporated as a segment to manage and develop strategic strategies to recruit, hire, and develop plans to maximize the efficiency of an organization. Organizations with Human Resource Analysts their role involves suggesting advice on how managerial leaders can implement the appropriate measures to handle employees strategically. Managing human resources requires strategic planning to address not only employers changing needs but also a competitive job market that is constantly evolving. In order for a company to remain competitive, the HR department seeks to recruit and hire employees, who have specific skills, and are technology savvy to meet the future goals of a company. During the employment process, the Human Resource professional performs an evaluation which also determines if the candidate will fit in their community and believe in the vision of the company. In addition, human resource management (HRM), strategize to develop competitive comprehensive plans to assist employees and retain long-term commitments it requires offering a flexible work schedule, pension plan, and benefits packages.

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The job of Human Resource Professional involves tackling legal and liability issues that pertain to confidentiality, labor rights, and laws. As an analyst, it requires handling ethical and legal issues with confidentiality and integrity within a work environment. As a requirement, of the HR department, confidentiality is essential and this can hinder the reputation of the individual or their career.

In business world, human resource management needs to ensure employers abide by the laws to protect their employees as well as their business. Organizations that consider marketing domestic or Internationally are responsible for implicating laws to make sure their workers receive basic rights and the company abide by national laws. Employee training is essential for developing individuals’ skill sets and expand economic growth. In the field of business, students have two types of training programs to choose; contract training or in house training.

Contract training is used to train employees from an outside organization, where In- house training is provided by the employer. A corporation that best represents an organization providing their employees with the appropriate training is the Disney Company. The family-oriented firm has two sources of training. The internal training program, ”Traditions” is an in house process that offers interns and cast members to work in ” live laboratories”, to receive the first-hand experience and attend Disney Institute, attending semesters and educational programs such as managerial leadership. In addition, the company has an educational program, Disney Aspires designed for hourly employees who want to receive trade or degree that is accredited, such as Valencia College who has collaborated educational program that is applicable to the Disney Way. Though both are a source to receive valuable knowledge and to develop skills, the two training programs offer an employer's personnel different educational styles. Organizations that offer in-house are capable of designing the exact skills and materials for an employee to succeed in their position, while also providing convenience.

Through on the job training, employees are provided access to strategic planning and learn to establish goals and develop safe practices. Contrast training is an external development process that is taught by industry experts. Employers who use a third-party organization to train employees need to make sure the material is relevant and is designed for employees to apply for their hired position. In using a contract trainer, the specific training program developed is evaluated by the participants by providing feedback. This is how the instructors know if they had met the desired results. From the feedback, programs are continuously updated and prepared for a future session. Also, when thinking about the expense of the style of training, it is more cost-effective for employees to attend in house training programs rather than external training programs, unless the employer has a compensation plan that assists with helping to attend educational programs or vocational training programs. Training and development programs are the future to the success of any type of organization. No matter the style of training either one is beneficial and will help strengthen personal and professional skills and make a person wiser to be capable to perform the requirements of the hired position as well as achieve success.


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