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Conflict Management and its Peculiarities

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In the beginning, I wasn’t really interested in the topic but as soon as I started to follow the teacher and what impact it can make to a workplace, I came to realize how important it can be. Especially as the world is now, it can be extremely helpful to have any knowledge about how to avoid the conflicts and if the need comes, how to minimize the effect. Apart from that, grooming such a skill can prove to be a bliss in professional life as that is where a person is subjected to enormous stressful and hectic routines, so there is good probability of loosing the temper and loosing temper at a job place can cause major consequences.

The lecture started with the introduction to the topic and thereafter, the factors which can lead to a conflict. Interestingly, there are a couple of thing which I couldn’t even think can cause such a mess like the limited availability of resources and perceived difference, along with them were some commonly known factors like miscommunication, ambience and health. Among these, miscommunication takes the major share of the clash. It may happen when someone fails to transfer some important information which may lead to major consequences or a variety of consequences. Besides that, more causes include the situation when somebody is all sweet on the face but always has some latest gossip or in other words talks about the colleagues behind their back. Also, there can be cases when two people, due to the profession, are put in a place together and they don’t socialize otherwise. They possess totally different viewpoints and can’t stand other’s perspectives.

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Thereafter, we were taught about the ways how people respond to conflict which included:

  • Competing: This form of approach is the one I have experienced the most but apart from the conflict there was another factor which I was still not aware of, which is standing for one’s own rights.
  • Accommodation: This seemed more like a conflict resolving method but at the risk of putting your own belief at stake. In this, a person sacrifices his values and concerns just about the opposite side.
  • Avoiding: In this approach, one just sets back and avoids any clash at all by not expressing his concerns.
  • Collaborating: Among all the approaches, this one seemed to be the most ideal approach to me as in this one, both the parties discuss each other’s views and get on a common ground. And the last one,
  • Compromising: This seemed more or less like collaborating, the only difference being that the resulting solution is not fully accepting the views of both the sides but somewhat partly, so that is for the time when you can’t really get to a common ground, or in case there doesn’t exists any.

One of the most critical topic in the conflict management is the conflict spiral, which I was not really able to follow to first but when I asked the teacher for help, she was kind enough to repeat the same in more layman and I started catching up. It comprised of a series of stages starting from the mildest to the extreme on the scale of clash intensity. The stages are Tolerance, covert resistance, overt resistance, critical incidents, selective perceptions, and listing the support of others, issue linkage, ritual words, hot-button words, threats, actions. There exists some sub-reactions under the category of ‘action’ as provocation, retaliation and violence.

Conflicts take place almost everywhere and may result in serious outcomes, specially in workplaces. Such unrest can arise at vertical level (between seniors and juniors) as well as at horizontal level (between colleagues). These maybe staff-line conflicts or related to the role of employees or recourse allocation or when staff is dependent on each other to achieve a goal, the other causes may include different goals of individuals within the organization. What caught my eye the most here are the possibilities of the steps that can be taken to resolve the maters in such cases after the type of conflict has been recognized, and this can surely prove to be a great asset for me while working for any organization in the future and the outcomes will definitely be both impressive and peaceful.

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