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Conflict Management Strategy with the Partner

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Conflicts are the common occurrence at every site. In my opinion conflicts usually occurs where there is difference in the opinion and if there is power on other and if there are some disputes between the people. If there are some high expectations also leads to the conflicts where we cannot reach the expectations of the partner. If there is a shortage of resources and if there is no one taking the responsibility towards the resources, then it leads to conflicts.

So to overcome all these conflicts there are some strategies from PMBOK which we need to apply during the conflicts with the partner. As a stakeholder myself and the partner should check over the resources and get the update of the resource which we need during the project and make sure that there is an availability. Then in this case we need to discuss with the partner about the budget we need to invest for that resources. We need to strive hard to always minimise the conflicts by avoiding and withdrawing all the decisions which we made by our own and avoid the conflicts. Both the stakeholders should maintain the commitment towards the project and the ownership and the communication between the partner should be strong whereas the success of project highly depends on it. There should be a mutual benefit to the partner in every stage. There must be a trust between the partners. Compromising or reconciliation is necessary during the conflicts to minimise it and to maintain good bond between them.

Conflict resolution should be maintained at early stages to minimise the conflicts. We should not hang on with the issue we have to resolve it as soon as possible to minimise the conflicts. We should not force our partner to our needs. We need to communicate with the partner as well when we are taking the decisions and ask for the expertise judgement and make the partner happy to meet his needs and desires as well as ours. We need to come to one decision together by communicating effectively. We need share the time with our partner to know his plans and needs and as well as desires to complete the project so that we can complete the project on time under budget by our effective communication and spending our time with the partner. (Carberry).

We should not be ridiculous towards our partner. We should maintain a friendly relation between our partner. We need to take the partner to other perspective in order to listen to them and try to understand what the other people is trying to say. We should not blame at our partner for everything. (Seidman, 2017 April 17)

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In my opinion there should be no disputes with the builder. Because he is main body of the project. The builder is the main who brings a profit to our project and satisfies us and makes us happy with the final end result. The main conflicts with the builder would be at budget and the duration of the project and the resources.

To overcome all the conflicts regarding the above we must discuss well with the builder at earlier stages. We ourselves must try to dispute the issues by maintaining all the documents. There will be a largest financial investment and the builder should protect the investment by taking an advice at expert who have more experience. There should be no disputes about this investment. There would be some conflicts if there is no visit to the site together with the builder and the partner. We must start the work after the visit so that builder estimates all the surroundings and obstacles etc., we should not make him convince with us. We must go with the ideas of builder where he will satisfy our needs. Everyday sheet should be maintained where there will be a up to date data with the builder as well as the owner. If there is any change in contract price, then the builder should inform the manager at earlier and should maintain good relationship with everyone in the site and the work should not be stopped regarding the personal issues and there should not be any lag in work or project. The builder should be responsible for everything which is happened at the site. If we cannot speak to the builder directly, we need send the letter or an e-mail officially about the issue to resolve it as quick as possible. We have to know the root of the problem to solve the issue.

Many conflicts occur due to the miscommunications and changes in the plans and the disorders in work. So, there should be an everyday communication between the partner and the builder and the owner. We have to be active in listening to the opposing parties and find the key to solve the certain problem. This shows the opposing parties that we are considering the decision of them to resolve the issue and make him satisfied.

Conflict resolution is to make a good and best decision but not the personal feelings. Both the parties should sit together and have focus on the solution. When the conflicts arise with the builder we must always be compromised to the issue and solve the problem. The expectations have to be clearly expressed to the builder so that he can meet our satisfactions to the best of his work. (Jones, August 16th, 2017)

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