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Consequences of High Blood Pressure

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I consider high blood pressure to be the main health disease in Bahrain. One third of Bahrainis are having this disease whereas 15% of Bahrainis have diabetes. High blood pressure can develop different heart diseases, which are in high percentage in Bahrain too, and therefore causes death. Which makes the disease more dangerous is that it has no symptoms that is why it is called silent killer. Reasons for this high percentage are the fact that most of the Bahrainis have close relative with the disease and their life style with lack of exercise and eating salty food.

I have observed 3 problems with high blood pressure patients in Bahrain. First is that many of them doesn’t change their lifestyle even after discovering the disease. Second is that many of them never admit that they have disease and ignore what doctors tell them. Third that many of them doesn’t take medicines described by the doctor but try to use traditional medicines.

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I can help to alleviate the problem by trying to make people aware about the danger of the disease in events and social media. I will change my lifestyle to healthy life style then I will convince my friends and family to do so. I will check for blood pressure disease for all the patient even if they came for different disease so that I can discover the disease before it is too late.

Some doctors consider medicine as a business, which is very big ethical problem. In developed countries some of them try to make the highest profit by asking for unnecessary checks or letting the patient stay in the hospital for extra days or other tricks. In developing countries, the problem is bigger as some doctors will not treat patients even if in emergency just because patient cannot pay the hospital fees. To avoid this problem, I aiming to work in government hospitals where it is free of charge for patient.

Another ethical problem is that some doctors don’t do their job perfectly that cause medical errors. The aim of medical treatment is to save lives but if it is not done with care it can cause reverse result. To minimize the error I will not start the treatment unless I am confident that what I will do is right. And during treatment I will focus in my work and try to work as perfect as possible.

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