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Conservation of Forest Essays

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The Environmental Impacts of Overcrowding in U.S. National Parks

National parks are intended to be peaceful, quiet, and contemplative places to visit. In recent times, however, it is nearly impossible to escape from the hustle and bustle of the hectic city life by visiting some of the country’s most iconic landscapes. Popular national parks like Zion, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Great Smokey Mountains, Rocky Mountain, Glacier, and Acadia reveal an overwhelming increase in visitors year after year. Overcrowding raises numerous widespread concerns that are worth addressing, particularly issues on...
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Deforestation: The Reasons Forests Should Be Protected

The causes of deforestation which is development of agriculture and economic pressure has lead to several effects which is not only affects the people, but plants, animals and environment. These effects has negative impacts especially on land and biodiversity. Deforestation has many effects toward every species on the earth and environment, and one of the impact is on land. The biggest problem will be faced by earth after deforestation is soil erosion (Lindsey, 2007). The soil was attached by the...
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India's Policy of Conservation Forest

Forest is a terrestrial cover, where habitats like plants and wildlife interact with each other and with the physical atmosphere of nature, which is also their hereditary home. They are an important source for our natural resources. Without forests the world would come to a halt and would become grey. Various countries all over the world differ in forest cover, which in turn depends on numerous factors like weather, availability of landscape, water, rainfall and the number of the population...
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Essay On Conservation of Forest

Conservation of forest and wildlife in India (essay) along with questions and answers. Conservation of forest is necessary because forests provide many resources such as food, medicine, fabric, and raw materials. Further, apart from keeping a check on the global temperature, forests also contribute towards preventing soil from getting eroded and shelters more than 80% of the animal species and terrestrial biodiversity. They also aid in improving the socioeconomic aspects of a country. What are forests – Conservation of forest...
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Improvement of Forest Practices With Forest Certification

Forest certification is a mechanism by which an independent organization issues a written assurance that a product, service or process meets specific requirements (Auld, Gulbrandsen, & McDermott, 2008). This may be followed by issuance of a symbol on products from certified companies, to easily identify them in the market. The idea of forest certification is aimed at rewarding foresters who promote aspects of sustainable forestry (ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable) (Auld et al., 2008). In the Baltic region,...
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