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To What Extent Did the Nineteenth Century Conservation Discourse Differ from That of Today

Plants, trees, forests, soil, animals. These are some common words that people hear when the environment is mentioned. The existence of these trees, plants, and animals adds to biodiversity and serves many important roles such as attracting visitors, generating revenue, and contributing to slow climate change. Over the years, many trees are felled and forest areas are disappearing at a fast rate. According to Earth Day Network, deforestation has been reported to be the second cause of global warming and...
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Is Trophy Hunting an Ethical Conservation Tool: Essay

1.0 Introduction Currently, Trophy hunting has been extensively debated in the field of biodiversity conservation. Trophy hunting is a form of sport hunting of a wild animal that has specific desired characteristics under the government license, for leisure. Generally, it involves with payment of a fee for a hunting experience by local or foreign hunters (Booth & Chardonnet, 2015). The trophy is an animal or its head, skin, or any other body part that is usually retained by the hunters...
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Importance of Conservation of Natural Resources

Natural resources are things that occur naturally on the earth. It is an indispensable part of our lives. It is composed of air, water, sunlight, coal, petroleum, natural gas, fossil fuels, petroleum, etc. However, humans use them for economic benefits. Due to overuse, natural resources are being depleted. Some of them are rich in resources and can be upgraded. On the other hand, some are non-renewable. Therefore, you need responsible protection to ensure its sustainability. Why protect natural resources? Human...
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Essay on Techniques for Conservation of Fish Genetical Resources

Among all vertebrate taxa, fishes have the highest diversity in species. Fishes have huge diversity in shape, size, and biology in their aquatic environment. According to the NATIONAL BUREAU OF FISH GENETIC RESOURCES, 32,042 finfish species were recorded globally and India is home to 9.2% of this global finfish diversity . According to NBFGR India accounts for 5070 Mollusca species, 2934 crustaceans species, and 765 echinoderms species. Fishes are considered as cheapest and high protein source food source worldwide. Fishes...
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Essay on Land and Wildlife Conservation

Land management is essential to preserving the ecosystem and all of the resources that come from it. Sources like food, shelter, and economic development are part of the land and must be managed for future generations to come. Land management reduces air and water pollution, and soil quality, and preserves wildlife habitats. Land management provides environmental, economic, and social opportunities for future generations. Land use is critical for agriculture which provides food for the world. Proper land management is important...
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Essay on History of Wildlife Conservation

What is conservation? Conservation is the practice of protecting plant and animal species and their habitats with an aim to ensure the survival of these species and to educate people on living sustainably with other species. Wildlife conservation is dedicated to restoring and maintaining equilibrium within an ecosystem and to maintaining the landscape for study, enjoyment, or biodiversity. It aims to ensure that everything that can be done has been put in place to limit the risk to threatened or...
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Essay about Conservation of Natural Resources

The exhaustion of natural resources has gradually been one of the greatest crises for the whole planet and human beings since the latter half of the 20th century. It is known that the earth, like our mother, is the home for survival, which provides us with abundant resources. We, human beings, are the master of the earth, so we should protect it as we treat ourselves. No one wishes his home to become worse. However, the environment on which human...
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Essay on Conservation of Natural Resources

Abstract Earth provides a diverse source of life to all the organisms for their survival which are mentioned as natural resources. Natural resources encompass air, water, soil, metals, energy, and other essential components of life. All the resources are directly or indirectly associated with each other to form a suitable environment for the organisms. Over the last few decades, different types of crises have arisen on the earth, specifically population growth, climatic changes, and biodiversity losses. All these crises are...
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Essay on Conservation and Biodiversity

Energy save the campaign, it’s the slogan save Save Fuel yaani Save Money. The initial face had managed to save 20 Billion with an initial budget of 1 bill. Its main intention was to bring awareness to the Indian population about energy conservation. The main objective focused on petroleum conservation, curbing waste, and improving the efficiency of fuel (Mahapatra & Sharma, 2016). Promotional strategies The promotion was advertised through TV, radio, and print media. Three major media houses joined forces...
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Conservation of Natural Resources: Argumentative Essay

Can you imagine living without enough air to breathe? Is it even possible to survive without water in today`s blistering world? How can we survive in our daily life if we don`t have fertile land, forest, plants, and animals that provide us with food? What are we going to do if our natural resources are the main source of needs of the people in the entire world? Hence, it is no wonder that all people, poor or rich, have used...
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Climate Justice for Biodiversity Conservation Conflicts

Introduction Management of natural resources has been confirmed by observing organizations around the world provoke conflicts when scarcity, poor governance, and unfair distribution of amenities constitute its procedures. These conflicts have, in turn, caused heavy impacts on biodiversity and climate change; most of which are negative and irreversible (IUCN, 2021). The climate justice movement seeks to minimize the different forms of conflicts ranging from socio-economic coercion to wars at stages where dialogue is effective. Poor communities experience armed conflicts over...
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Understanding Animal Lives is Important in Conservation Efforts

Despite the news of their population decline and the endangerment of their habitats, there are still relentless conservation efforts being made around the world to protect and nurture animal lives. Experts and volunteers behind such efforts have a certain level of knowledge and compassion toward these animals in need. In a recent study, it has been scientifically proven that social learning and understanding of these animals’ lives is essential in helping them thrive again. Importance of Social Learning A study...
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Conservation of Endangered Species Essay

Humans have contributed to a higher rate of species extinction today for several reasons. Those reasons include housing limitations, overfishing, worsening climate change, pollution, and increasing the number of invasive species worldwide (Gramling, 2019). Humans have transformed 75 percent of land on Earth into urban areas, leaving the rest for all species. Over time wetlands were lost and so did 32 percent of forest areas across the planet preindustrial times. The production of food crops increased, agricultural lands expanded, palm...
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Evaluation of Nature Reserves, National Parks and Game Reserves as Conservation Methods

Conservation is a discipline devoted to the preservation and restoration of the planet’s biodiversity. Rapid action is necessary, and failure might have catastrophic consequences. Conservation techniques have developed from a singular focus on ‘nature’ to a broader socio-ecological view on ‘people and nature’, since conservation demands a harmonious link. Nature reserves, game reserves, and national parks all seek to protect wildlife and/or flora, however their strategies and efficacy vary significantly. A nature reserve is a defined area of land for...
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Essay on Ethical Issues in Conservation of Wildlife in India

India is home to an array of wildlife, living in different stretches of land. The country’s distinctive ecosystems comprising high mountains in the snow regions, east and west coastal regions, deserts and semi-arid regions, close to all ‘types’ of forests, grasslands, plateaus, rivers, estuaries and islands makes this country unique and rich in biodiversity. Truly, it is a treasure trove of a large portion of the world’s animal and plant species. During ancient times, Indian religious teachings and socio-economic ideology...
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The Future for Conservation Biology Is Not More National Parks

Conservation biology is nothing but management of species, their habitat, how to protect the species. Human-species interaction, etc. Yes, it is true that the future of conservation is not more national parks. Basically, this deals with the matters of land sharing and land sparing. Land sparing is setting aside of land for the purpose of conservation (national parks) from agricultural land (high intensity production and high yielding variety). While land sharing is food production combined with biodiversity conservation (low intensity...
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Water Conservation and Drought Issues in Resorts Research Paper

Abstract Water conservation and drought issues are inevitable in some resorts. The primary reason refers to the fact that demand for fresh water increases with the growth of population and urbanization while supply decreases. The tourism industry is closely connected with water issues due to several reasons. First, most resorts are situated near large rivers and sources of fresh water. Their operation is often dependent on the natural resources of water. Second, the inappropriate water management leads to pollution. Finally,...
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The Welfare of Animals During Translocation for Conservation

Despite continuous efforts and advancements in recent years, animal conservation translocation remains to have a variable degree of success, in terms of projects that have run without complications and death of the animals. By comparing articles and reports of translocations alongside the five domains model of animal welfare, it can easily be demonstrated that wild animal transport and the release of animals can challenge all five animal welfare needs. The foreign environment can have a significant impact on the physical...
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The Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan

This CCP outlines the combined efforts of the several Maryland States, refuge neighbors, local partners, private landowners, Friends of Eastern Neck, and the local community to protect the habitat of endangered species present in the 2,286 acres Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge. It intends to achieve so by attaining several measurable goals, which include: ensuring the protection and enhancing service trust resources, and endangered species together with their habitats in the Chesapeake Bay region. In addition, the CCP aims to...
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The Need for Federal Agencies Funding Towards Wildlife Conservation

Declines in biodiversity poses a serious threat to human civilization today, and will remain so far into the future. In order to maintain species populations and protect habitat for wildlife, several national and international organizations have developed reporting guidelines for conservation of species. However, current methods of preserving particular species do not coincide. Conservationists believe that these lands should be set aside to be protected for the preservation of animal and plant species. Whereas the conservation model used by hunters...
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Status of Farmers’ Participation in Soil and Water Conservation Practice

According to FGD and KII revealed contour farming, stone bund, stone-faced soil bund, soil bund, and waterways were common physical SWC whereas, crop rotation, plantation on the bund, mulching, and mixed cropping were common biological SWC practices. Farmers were applied more than one SWC practice from their land. Therefore, compared to the other physical SWC practice in the area stone-faced soil bund was highly implemented. It is effective because stones and soils are much available in farmlands, and it reduces...
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Biodiversity, Global Warming, Environmental Conservation

The term nature is defined as the collectiveness of the physical world phenomena that includes animals, plants and world landscapes. The concept of nature, as discussed in realms of environment, refers to living as well as non-living things found naturally on the surface of the earth. The environment can be influenced by human beings. This type of environment is called the natural landscape. There are different components of nature when compared to the environment. These elements include; the climate, the...
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India's Policy of Conservation Forest

Forest is a terrestrial cover, where habitats like plants and wildlife interact with each other and with the physical atmosphere of nature, which is also their hereditary home. They are an important source for our natural resources. Without forests the world would come to a halt and would become grey. Various countries all over the world differ in forest cover, which in turn depends on numerous factors like weather, availability of landscape, water, rainfall and the number of the population...
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Nature, Environment and Wilderness Conservation

In recent decades, human development by means of industrialisation and colonisation has acted as a catalyst for global environmental destruction. By recognising the undesirable effects produced by various human activities, questions surrounding conserving elements of the environment have arisen. The following essay will analyse the ways in which cultural assumptions held by differing societies are intertwined within conservation efforts and management plans. Through exploring ‘wilderness’, ‘nature’ and ‘the environment’, this essay will demonstrate that humans continue their efforts of attempting...
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History of Wildlife Conservation in The USA and Canada

The US and Canada are known as one of the areas which lead the wildlife conservation action in the world. In Canada, there are governmental associations such as Canadian Wildlife Service (CWA). There are also some NGOs including Canadian Wildlife Federation, Nature Canada and WWF Canada are known as the national level and playing a significant role with government conservation agencies. In the US, there are also many governmental scientific institutions for research, laws and associations. There are also non...
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Essay on Water Conservation and Water Quality

Water conservation is the careful use and preservation of water supply, and it includes both the quantity and quality of water utilized. Water is an essential asset for the nourishment of all life. The fundamental demand for all activities appropriates local use to the agricultural industry. With the regular expanding weight of the human population, there has been serious tension on water resources. Negligence of customary water bodies like tanks and lakes, unpredictable abuse of groundwater, and incorrect preservation of...
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The Mandatory Urban Water Conservation Rules in California

In California today, drought levels are at the highest they have ever been. On Tuesday, May 4, 2015 Governor Jerry Brown imposed the first mandatory urban water conservation rules in state history. These new rules will start June 1 and will remain until February. The new rules include limits on lawn watering, bans on washing cars and filling swimming pools (in some areas), and the use of water cops to give out tickets for people using to much water or...
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Water Conservation Practice in Olympia

Introduction Olympia city has a comprehensive water conservation program which involves many projects. The city puts much effort in the conservation of water. To achieve this end, various organizations and agencies have invoked various procedures so as to meet the target. From educational programs to technological inventions the planners seize every opportunity to achieve the consumption of water. The programs have therefore been of great success. Population, Temperature and Annual Precipitation Depth Population Being the largest city in the county...
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The Definition of Conservation

Humans need this wondrous plant Earth we call home, to survive, grow and prosper as a living organism. The Cambridge Dictionary defines conservation as, “carefully using valuable natural substances that exist in limited amounts in order to make certain that they will be available for as long a time as possible” (“Conservation”). The Cambridge Dictionary also goes on to state that conservation is also, “the protection of plants and animals, natural areas, and interesting and important structures and buildings, especially...
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Soil and Water Conservation Essay

Drought is a intermittent natural hazard having a critical socio-economic and environmental effect (Asadi Zarch et al., 2015). The United Nations declared this menacing creeping phenomenon as one of the deadliest natural disasters. It affects almost every climatic zone, however, the adverse effects on the ecology and human society may vary spatially (Haroon et al., 2016). It is estimated that nearly more than 50% of the terrestrial earth is susceptible to drought each year. The productive lands of all continents...
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